10 reasons why we LOVE golf so much ahead of Valentine's Day

10 reasons why we love golf so much - what do you love most about our beautiful game?

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Fri, 12 Feb 2021
10 reasons why we LOVE golf so much ahead of Valentine's Day

For many of us, golf is a love-hate relationship. Some rounds provide sun, 36 points and the occasional birdie. Others punish with rain, blobs and all too-frequent doubles. 

But given it is Valentine's Day this weekend, we want to shed light on the positives and why this chosen sport of ours keeps us coming back for more. In no particular order, here are 10 things we love about golf. Does yours feature?



Golf is serendipitous

There are few other sports where you can acquire sandy shoes, blistered fingers, pond water in your socks, thinning hair, a farmer’s tan, and mayonnaise on the shirt... and actually quite enjoy it. 

It's a sport for all of us 

No matter whether you are World No.1 or Handicap 101, golf provides enjoyment for all shapes and sizes and all ages. From Green Jackets and Claret Jugs to Wii records and Top Golf dates, the sport can be played in many different forms. 

Finding a Pro V1 when searching for your Commando

“Oi Barry, you playing a Pro V1, I think it's a number 1?”

“No mate, a Commando.” Winning.


Whether it's The Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup, Family Foursomes or WhatsApp Group Chat Bragging Rights Championship, matchplay golf often proves the most exciting format to watch and play. 

Golf is often played in strokeplay form and as an individual sport, so there is something unique about forming a team bond. Talking of the Ryder Cup, is there a better spectacle in sport? We've yet to see one. 

The banter

Not really appropriate down the back nine at Augusta, but very much so when striding the fairways with friends. Golf is meant to be fun after all. If we can't laugh about Aaron shanking it into the trees or Dan failing to clear the ladies tees, we might as well just walk in now.

The equipment

From gear heads who love talking shafts, bounce and sliding weights to those content to play with any old hickory bat passed down through the generations, without our chosen golf equipment we would not be able to enjoy this finicky sport.

The frustration

That four-splash from sand or three-jab from five feet can infuriate at the best of times, but these golfing nightmares keep us coming back for more. 

Hitting those "pure" shots

Is there a greater sensation in this game than hitting the driver out the centre and seeing the ball sail down the middle of the fairway some 320 yards? Sometimes these shots are deserving of a twirl of the club or wink to your playing partners. 


For us horrendous short putters, there is nothing better than chipping the ball to three feet, replacing wedge for putter and then glancing over to the green to see your dimples being sent back towards you. 

The Masters

Magnolias are blossoming, brightly coloured azaleas adorn perfectly manicured fairways and a Green Jacket awaits in the Butler Cabin. It can only mean one thing. We reserve the sofa and hide the remote for four days in April. Not long now, folks. 

What do YOU love most about golf? Share your thoughts and comments on our social media channels, or come and join us over on our YouTube Channel where we are currently giving away a brand new Cobra driver if you subscribe to our channel!