12 times there is no penalty for causing your golf ball to move...

Sometimes the rules work in your favour...

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Tue, 11 Feb 2020
12 times there is no penalty for causing your golf ball to move...

Did you know there are 12 times on the golf course when there is NO PENALTY for causing your ball to move under the new Rules of Golf?

Let's take a closer look at them, courtesy of GolfIsAnAttitude.com... 

The ball was never in play – if your ball is not in play, then you can never be penalised for causing it to move.

The ball was in the teeing area – if your ball is within the teeing area, and you then cause your ball to move through any action, other than a stroke, you are not penalised. If it is as a result of a stroke, the stroke counts (unless another Rule requires your stroke to be cancelled, and replayed).

You moved it during a search – if you are looking for your ball in a specific area, because you are unsure where it is, then you are searching for your ball, and won’t be penalised for causing your ball to move, but your ball must be replaced. 

NOTE 1: that you if you cause your ball to move in an area where you didn’t think it would be, hence you are not ‘trying to find’ your ball, you incur a penalty. 

NOTE 2: Further to searching, if the search is temporarily stopped, and the ball is then moved accidentally, there is no penalty incurred.

You accidentally cause your ball to move when it is on the putting green – including dropping your putter or marker on the ball, tripping over your ball, etc. Then you are absolved from a penalty, and you must replace your ball. 

When play is suspended, and the player accidentally moves their ball in leaving the area.

Accidentally causing the ball to move when moving to identify the ball.

You are proceeding under a Rule, such as:

> Marking the spot of the ball or lifting the ball.

> Removing a movable obstruction.

> Restore worsened conditions.

> Determining whether relief is available, or where the relief area is.

> Measuring under a Rule.

> Accidentally causing the ball to move whilst in the process of taking relief – picking up the tee and dropping the club on the ball would be considered still in the taking relief process.


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