Why you should be custom fitted in 2019

GolfMagic's TaylorMade custom fitting experience proves exactly why you should be custom fitted in 2019.

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Mon, 25 Mar 2019

Why you should be custom fitted in 2019

There's a lot of exciting new technology in the golf industry this year and we of all people know how much you want to get your hands on it. But have you ever been custom fitted for your clubs or do you simply buy them and start swinging?

Custom fitting is a way for you to skip the 'training phase' that most people go through when they buy a new club or set of clubs. Custom fitted clubs are tailored to suit your height, swing, speed, and everything in between to do with your game.

GolfMagic's Jack and Andy were recently invited to the Silvermere Golf Complex for their very own TaylorMade custom fitting experience. To say they were impressed with their results is an understatement. Watch the video below and learn all you need to know about the value of custom fitting:

TaylorMade Custom Fitting Experience

For more information on custom fitting at Silvermere click here or to see TaylorMade's full range of irons click here.