Anyone still posting?

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Anyone still posting?

Very quiet here these days....


few and far between I'm afraid

we should make an effort to

we should make an effort to get it going again. the traffic is still there . shame the forum software is a bit naff 

I think that's the problem

The forum program that was implemented a few years ago was truly awful and most people got fed up with it and so moved away, including some of the real old faithful.  Very few of us left popping in here now.  A shame as it was a great forum in its day with some excellent contributions and good banter.  

Sad but true....

Sad but true....

I.T issues

Hacker to Hero to emtpy the forum




I wonder

Whatever happened to the bloke who won the custom fit Mizuno irons in the last big competition......

I admit I've won a few things on this forum but at least I'm still here.

I've still got my trolley too

I've still got my trolley too. 

I got a full set of Puma

I got a full set of Puma clothing and shoes in 2014.... belt is still going strong! :-)

......and Jammy is still

......and Jammy is still organising a game of old stagers!

And I think

The gap between Ians message and mine says a lot.


Suprised your still drawing breath Robster...How you doing you old fart....;-)

Bloody hell

Hi Mac.  Good to hear from you.  What are you up to these days?  Still the same as always, an old fart ;)

You were right about some of the banter on here, although you did well to find it too with the search engine. 

Are you posting anywhere else?


Hiya Pal....

Good to see your still kicking...Damn shame about the forum, but with a few more of the old crew posting you never know...

Still have the odd knock when I can get the old bones working as should. Still talk to Taz, seems like the move to Oz is working out well. Think I missed the last True Blue outing, which was a shame. Have you kept in touch with many off here...


Not many

I couldn't make the last outing either.  It would be nice to see more on here, and some of the old crew but I think this forum is on life support at the moment.

I tend to post more on the Golf Monthly forum now.  Not as much fun as this in it's heyday but somewhere to chat.

Help I have been stuck in

Help I have been stuck in kafkaesque world that is called password registration..  I would request a new password and then I would try and do the bit with the fuzzed out word and that didnt work at all then I got on ( months ago!!) and then my password wouldnt work  again..  being trying on and off but just lost patience.. just managed it now but I have to go so will try again tomorrow and see what happens..   



Start writing spam adverts selling dodgy documentation.  It's easy to register that way. 

I just tried to make a reply

I just tried to make a reply to an old thread and nothing happened, no wonder there's not much going on. (This is my second attempt to reply to this thread.)

I just tried to find the

I just tried to find the Shamblers Club thread for old times sake but can't find it, is it still out there?

One thing I've quickly learnt on my first vist in years is that the software here is, shall we say, a little clunky?

It's never been right

Since the change, the search function is very poor, you can't look up details on any of the posters but it's probably not worth the effort to improve it now. 

I still check this forum on a

I still check this forum on a regular basis in the hope that someone will post something related to golf ! There’s must be some interesting/controversial incidents out there somewhere that we can have a natter about. I know there are other forums but this one used to be used by some very knowledgeable posters and I bet they still have a look to see what, if anything is going on. Shall we all post something, anything, to get the ball at least moving a little bit ?

Taz is in the UK in June...

Taz is in the UK in June... we'll have to get him out for a game....


I still chat with him, sorry take the piss at every opportunity......Be good to organise a knock with him in June and whoever is still breathing..

Up for it

I'll have to borrow a set of sticks though, 


Hi Al

Good to hear from you.  How's life down under.  As you'll see this place is a shadow of it's former self with almost nobody contributing on it nowadays sadly.  

If you ever get to Scotland I'd be happy to take you on my course.  I've even got an old set of Maxfli Revolution Midsize you could borrow. 

I had to get them when you bought those MP-52's you never used from under my nose! 

Hi Ste

MP53's mate - and they ARE out here with me, as a second string set though as my MX 25's are still brilliant.

Life down under is PDG, have settled in nicely in a beautiful area, small town, near the sea, round the corner from a superb golf course.  My daughter, who lives in Sydney presented us with our first grandchild, a girl, last July - so everything, so far, has gone according to plan. My missus now plays more than me, runs the ladies section at the Beachside course (one of the two courses,but a 9 hole) and has already won a couple and had TWO holes in one.

I, STILL, have never had one. Such is life.