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Beat This

So....I got jar of things for Christmas off wifey, a note for each day of the year, plus on the first day of each month something for us to do, a walk, clay pigeon shooting, etc etc. It's August today and this is what I've got.

Sat 27th We play Duxbury Park then go up to Chorley to stay over with a meal at the "Red Cat"
Sun 28th Potter up to The Grand Hotel Lytham St Annes to Stay over. The day to be spent at our leisure
Mon 29th Golf at Lytham St Annes Old course. (I've got to sort this)
Evening meal at Anatolia (Turkish Restaurant my favorite food)
Tues 30th Golf at Dunscar Bolton.

I was stunned this morning. I think I've got a good 'un.

Just thought I'd share !!!!!

BIG SMILEY FACE !!!!!!!!!!!!

You jammy...

... (expletive deleted)!

Smiley face !!!!

Smiley face !!!!

For a Beano and a...

...couple of Bazooka Joes?

Smiley face Again !!!!

Smiley face Again !!!!

Update :-
I've booked into St Annes Old links Kilgrimol Trophy with my cousin and his mate. 8.50 t off for........£25 !!!! LMFAO !!!! Cracking bargin !!!!

Slight change of plan due to

Slight change of plan due to Duxbury being a muni and reviews say to avaoid if busy so Pike Fold it will now be on the Saturday and probably Chorley on the Tuesday !!!!! With Old links still in place for the Monday !!!!

Fingers crossed for the weather.
I'm thinking of making this an annual trip. This is the second year I've played in the Kilgrimol. Anyone else want to join me in 2017? dad was taken very dad was taken very ill on Thursday night and after making sure all was ok and leaving the hospital at 3am Friday morning I thought we would have to cancel this. We visited him on twice on Friday and there was a marked improvement, so after a long discussion with our son and his girlfriend who assured us they would visit my dad whilst we were away, and we were only an hour away if required we were pursuaded to go. Thank God we did. What a fantastic long weekend. Pike Fold is what I would call a proper golf course. A good walk, water in places, bunkers in places that you would hope to hit your ball to, grrrr, fab greens!!!!!, very friendly pro and bar staff, lovely old clubhouse, great food. Ticked every box. Shot an 80. Fab meal at the Red Cat at night (20 minute walk). The Grand Hotel in Lytham was fantastic. Lytham itself was lovely, nothing like Blackpool, thank goodness. Fab Turkish meal (my favorite) on Sunday night. St Annes Old Links was in awesome condition. Very quick and beautiful greens. No chance of joining 700 + membership and FULL !!!!!!! I thought Blackpool was a deprived area??? Haves and have nots in evidence here. Royal Lytham full too. Then there is Fairhaven and Lytham Green. I'll wager their full too. Hmmmmm. My cousins mate finished 4th. Great effort!!!! Me? Struck the ball well (awesome) but was thinning little wedges through greens, adding 2 / 3 shots to at least 5 holes. Very odd. Made a right balls of a par three at 16. right into a stiff breeze. Ended up with 5 off the tee. Ten to cap it all lost my ball going down 18. (NR). Fab day though. Off for an Italian at night, very nice. Dodgy reviews on TA but it was very good. Tuesday was a knock at Chorley. We had not booked, just in case we'd had enough, or we had to dash back, but after breakfast and confirming all was well, we called the pro. Huh? "You have to book online" What!? Put through to Secretary who did this for us. VERY VERY HILLY course. Rough a bit thick in places. Greens fab though and very very undulating. THankfully they weren't too quick otherwise I'd have four putted quite a few, so got away with only three putting. Phew ! Very very busy course on a Tuesday. Home grab some tea and off to see dad, who is recovering well, albeit slowly.
Would love to do this next year!!!!!