First knock

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First knock

So much has gone on over the last couple of years that golf has taken a back seat, big time.

I wont bore you all with the details but I was dragged out on Sunday.

After the first drive which was half decent, I had to slog it up a muddy fairway with a push trolly. Now this is where I realised how fat and unfit I have become. Hearing my heart boom in my ears and gasping for breath I was trying to recall if I had clean undies on just in case I took the knock.....

Managed the 18 but boy I was aching the next day....Roll on the summer..

What happened

To your GoKart?  I remember you posting a video of it trying to mate with a car wheel. 

That breeding program drew a

That breeding program drew a blank...

Ah well

I've been firing them for years