The Greatest

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The Greatest

Sad loss Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)

Thought this guy was brilliant from the time he first came on the scene, bragging about what he would do to Sonny Liston. Not many people liked him because of his arrogance but I thought he was special. I was only a kid myself and was not put off his bragging. Most were hoping the Louisville Lip would get battered but I had a feeling he was as good as he claimed

Got up in the early hours to see him take the title on TV - the rest, as they say is . . . . .

- anyway always been a fan - another loss of a true great.

Glad I was around during his reign.  

my all time sporting hero.

my all time sporting hero.

 absolutely the greatest ever and will never be bettered.

Back in the days when boxing

Back in the days when boxing was a proper sport, no idea who is who now, umpteen versions of each wieght... and its all on pay per view so no one bothers...

Ali was a great person, spoke out for civil rights and Vietnam in tough times...

Sad to see how poorly he was in later life

"What's my name?"

"What's my name?"

My names Ernie and I should

My names Ernie and I should of kept my gob shut, Mr Ali.....

They were both great...

...heavyweights MTP but the best boxer by far was Sugar Ray Robinson. He was peerless.

Another great heavyweight who remained an amateur (who they wanted to fight Ali) was Cuba's Teofilo Stevenson. That would have been interesting.

As stated in another section, the word "legend" is often misused but Ali truly was one.

If his career wasn't cut

If his career wasn't cut short, Willie Pep would of been the greatest pound for pound boxer....Period..