100 Hole Golf Challenge

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100 Hole Golf Challenge

JEAN HARLOW ( American Film Actress )
LIAM PAYNE (One Direction)
NATALIE COLE ( Daughter of Nat King Cole )
NICK CANNON (Husband to Maria Carey )
LUCY DAVIS (The Office)
A few famous and not so famous celebrities, who are or have suffered from Kidney disease.

But it’s not just the famous people who can contract kidney disease, it is just as liable to affect your Mr or Mrs. Average.
So can you please just take 2 minutes of your time to read the below URL.  I hope that what you read encourages you to help with sponsorship(every little helps) to a life changing cause.



If anybody is interested, we started at 04:15 am on Monday 1st july and the last ball rolled in the 100th hole at 19:15.  15 hours to complete 100 holes.  We averaged less than 3 hours a round with the quickest being 2h 10 minutes.  Scores where kept and I do beleive that all bar 1 round was in the 70's.  with 4 cat 1 golfers playing, i think this is a great achievement. well done lads and thanks for organising the day.

Congratulations Scratchmaster, some excellent scoring there mate and for a very worthy cause as well. My better half is a renal nurse and knows only to well how overshadowed by the larger charities the kidney ones are. Herself and another renal nurse have just raised over £3000 by cycling in the 3 Cities Challenge, 360 miles in the saddle over 4 days, ouch. Well done on the fund-raising mate and i hope you reach your target.

Cheers Yorkey. 3K is fantastic.  I thought walking 22 miles was tough, but being on a saddle for 360 miles, yes ouch.  I was amazed myself when i original spoke to RCharity and they told me they where fundraising for new Dialysis machines.  I really dont think this should be happening. with a bit of luck we will hit the 2k target over the next few weeks.