72 Hole Challenge

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72 Hole Challenge

Hi all.

As some of you will know, my little Nephew, Daniel, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia just days before Christmas 2012. He was 4 years old.

To support all the wonderful people and organisations that have helped our family since, and those that will continue to help, I'm doing a 72 hole challenge on the 28th June 2013. The charities that will benefit will be Alder Hey Hospital, Ronald McDonald House and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Now some of you will also know about my chronic back problem. I have a permanently trapped L5 Lumbar nerve in my left side (from the kidneys down). This causes me pain on most days, some bearable some un-bearable. Fortunately, I can still swing a golf club but this comes at a price after the round.

So my plan is 72 holes in one go, 3 rounds at Wallasey GC (here) and Royal Liverpool (here). I would be greatly moved if anybody here would like to sponsor me in doing it. 

Any kind generous soul willing to do this can leave their name and amount on this page and I can arrange collection at a later date, if I manage to complete this testing task that is!

Warm and Kind Regards
















Put me down for ??20 mike.

Wow, very kind of you Jay! Thanks. x        

??100 no problem.
PM me if you want clarification.

Macmillan is my preferred charity and.i think you are doing a great job SP. count me in for ??10.

Sparty, Stick me down for a score mate, I'll weigh you in at FoA! )

Kenny, I think you sent the PM to me!

SP, put me down for £20. Have you thought of setting up one of those websites where people can donate online?

Thanks everybody, your support means a lot to me. It isn't going to be easy for me but i'm so looking forward to it. No PM Kenny. I do have a few caddies lined up already though so thanks for the offer!                                

Cheers Tim. I haven't looked into something like that. Only ever done online money transfers through PayPal. Maybe someone has who could give me a pointer. I'll Google it.            

Mike, stick me down for £20, i'll settle up in May at FOA mate.

Cheers fella!    

LouB, thanks. Very generous.              

With the link above, Tim, you can only nominate one particular charity. I want to be able to split the donations between the 3. Doing it via the above, they send all the money to just the designated charity. I think it may be easier doing it through this page and PayPal or in person. I'm happy to be directed though by those in the know.                  

Super Hacker. Very kind. Thanks        

Cheers Rich.

Played Monday and back has been in bits since. God only know how I'll be feeling on the 29th!

Keep at it bud, plenty of rest between games. I know you'll do it.  

The forthcoming sham meet will give me a little insight into my level of stamina, and I don't just mean the ladies of Sutton Coldfield!

If I can get through 3 days with not much trouble then I'll be in a good position to take this challenge head on.

stick me down for a tenner Mike,will weigh in at Fo A  BILL.

Cheers Bill. Very kind of you mate.

Just to clarify, I've decided it'll be the Oncology ward at Alder Hey as my chosen charity.

I'll be setting up a link like Tim suggested to the just giving page soon.

Cheers all.

My little grandaughter had a brain tumour just this time last year and without Ronald Macdonald House they would have been without anywhere to rest.  Put me down for 20.  

Why thank you. Tthat's Minxy marvelous of you! x    

S'ok SP, I probably will be going round with the begging bowl at FoA as my son will be running the London Marathon for CLIC Sargeant for much the same reason as you.  We still have our grandaughter thanks to John Radcliffe Hospital.

www.justgiving.com/Michael-Barr2   I've just set up this page (thanks Tim) so donating is much easier. I've found a little Thai bird who lives around the corner who seems to enjoy massaging my body for £10 a pop so my conditioning is on the up! Still lots to do though in preperation. Thanks again to everyone.                

Just a little reminder to all those kind and supportive people out there that this event is now less than a month away. Am I ready? Am I hell! I've been preparing by doing 36 holes twice weekly, with 18 daily, and the thought of 54 aches me! I'll be spending the next week doing 36 x 3, the following 2 weeks doing 54 x 2 and then the BIG day will be upon me! Thanks to all.

p.s sponsored link above.  

Mike, in my drunken haze down at the FOA i can't remember if i settled up or not mate so just in case i didn't just done so on your justgiving page. Good luck and just remember to take plenty of Sharwoods's Special  Juice with you mate

Sparky, you were so kind and even remembered my little one's name and lots of hugs came my way.  I will go onto your just giving page and donate in the morning.  Lots of love. XXX  Was too p*****ed at the FoA with the gins that were being handed to me....sorry!!

Best of luck Mike, its a tough challenge but for a great cause.

Thanks guys and gals. Nothing was collected at the FoA other than the hundreds of empty glasses off whatever table we all sat at! I truly appreciate your kind support. x

I remember when he went in, what a complete heart-breaker.....and then you bitch on about your back you big pounce....I've got £50:00 with your name on it.    

The suffering I endure is nothing to what the little fella goes through. But harping on about my back might, just might, raise that little bit extra, which is what it's all about!  

If you stopped gyrating on the dance floor you would have more chance of people believing your bad back!!

Minxy, the alcohol alleviates all pain when throwing shapes on the dance floor but I can''t do this challenge slaughtered ha ha! Thanks for all donations, including Mr Anonymous. x

Or Mrs.  

Best of luck. Myself True Blue and others did this a few years ago. Didn't want to play golf ever again after I 'd finished.

georgiemac wrote (see)

Best of luck. Myself True Blue and others did this a few years ago. Didn't want to play golf ever again after I 'd finished.

To my knowledge you have kept faithfully to that

georgiemac wrote (see)

Best of luck. Myself True Blue and others did this a few years ago. Didn't want to play golf ever again after I 'd finished.

Oh dear. I've to play in our charity day on Sunday the 30th where there's 80 or so fella's expecting to see me! I'm also expected to go out for a few scoops in the 73rd for a mate's birthday. He wants to go to town also.  I can see me getting in 24 hours after I've gotten up then knocking it around 24 hours after that! Grueling or what! Thanks for the donations GM & TB.

True Blue wrote (see)

georgiemac wrote (see)

Best of luck. Myself True Blue and others did this a few years ago. Didn't want to play golf ever again after I 'd finished.

To my knowledge you have kept faithfully to that

I have mate. Not for lack of trying.

11 days to go.  

I did 72 holes last year and it was okay actually.  Best to do 36/36 with a half hour break and just keep a steady pace.  Felt a bit surreal, playing the same holes over and over.  Also I carried a light weight bag and 10 clubs, probably took a mile or two off my total.

Thanks for the tips. I'm planning on hitting it non-stop. It's the warrior spirit in me! Thanks Tim. The generosity when it comes to donating for a wonderful cause has been amazing. 

Less than a week to go now.  Spent 10 hours out walking the course yesterday and came off feeling great. Could have done more but light failed me, even on the longest day of the year! An update on Daniel. He seen the specialists on Thursday and they informed us that his bone marrow is producing blood cells as his blood counts are on the up. This means that no transplant is needed and he can come off the highest levels of chemotherapy.  It was the best news we could have asked for. His personality is coming back ( the intensity of his medication knocks him for 6) and it also means his hair will start to regrow (the school kids can be really mean). So the future is looking really good right now and one couldn't ask for anything more.

Mike, that is cracking news mate, chuffed there is good news about Daniel.

Thanks Guy Have a look at the other thread.

Wonderfull news Mike, so glad for you and your familiy.  Big virtual hugs for Daniel,

Well, not long now before I tee off.. 1hr 10mins to be precise! This is going to be so much fun. Thanks to all who have donated to a wonderful cause. x

NOT TODAY. IN THIS WEATHER!!!!!!! OMG. It's gonna require a herculean effort. Good luck Mike.