All for charity...

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All for charity...

OK, I know I'm on dangerous ground here and may well be slaughtered in any responses - but can I just have a wee moan about golf charity days?

Firstly, we seem to lay on so much for the golfer - plenty of food, probably a silver service, then goodie bags and prizes etc etc etc. How about we cut back on all of that so that more of the money went to the charity?

Secondly, and somewhat contrary to my first point, I really don't like this practice of buying mulligans (before teeing off the golfer buys several mulligans they can use at any time on the course when they hit a poor shot). It naturally raises money for charity (which is good), but it totally negates whatever scoring system the organisers are using because whoever has the most money and has bought the most mulligans will have an unfair advantage.

Anyone else got any strong thoughts on this?

PS - just to confirm, don't misunderstand this. I do support charities. I even work in a job thats sole purpose is to help those less fortunate. I'm just not overly comfortable with the usual way golf abouts about its charitable giving...


If they didn't lay on plenty of food, probably a silver service, then goodie bags and prizes etc etc etc then I suppose there wouldn't be much interest

My tuppenace for what its worth. Agree with the last 2 posters. If you don't make the event attractive enough then less money is raised. I wouldn't tend to question too much the approach charities take to maximising revenue as I have no doubt they invest a lot in trying to achieve that.They wouldn't spend money on an event unless they thought it benefits their primary goal (I have worked for several charities). The spend to gain ratio is carefully thought out. At the same time, I think if your coming to particapte in a charity golf event then the actual normal rules and approaches to golf needs to come second to the purpose of the event. There needs to be a more relaxed and fun approach to these types of events compared with those that contribute to handicaps etc. Besides I'm in favour of anything that gives me an unfair advantage

Anytime I've bought mulligans I've always forgotten to use them