Bader Pipe competition

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Bader Pipe competition

Its a little early to start this thread, but we need to get this competition advertised as much as possible. The Competition is an all day event  starting around 7am on the 1st September, last tee time is around 2.45pm. With prize giving at 7pm.

Bognor Regis Golf Club runs the 'Bader Pipe' Charity golf competition in aid of the Bader foundation, which is for is a charity for amputees, this is the 39th year we have run this comp.

Douglas Bader  (WWII fighter pilot who lost both legs, but still continued to fly) was the founder of the Charity, and this year is celebrating 100 years since his birth.  The competition is open to any player that turns up on the day, with a nominal charge for entry. We get a number of amputee golfers who also take part, and any amputees play for free. (Amputees must register in advance, as they are the only players given a favourable tee time).

The winners all get prizes donated by the bader foundation, and they are generally glass-ware, etched with Bader foundation info.  I won a nice pint glass for coming 3rd two years ago.

If you are interested or especially if you know any amputees who would consider playing, please let me know, or keep an eye on the Bognor website for info.

Bognorbelter wrote (see)

 (Amputees must register in advance, as they are the only players given a favourable tee time).

Hey, that's ablebodiedism!

Sort of agree, but we get amputees who travel hundreds of miles just to play in this comp, and we try to give them a reasonable tee time, also we try to get all amputees to play in groups together. They usually get a tee time around 10:30.

I think it's a bloody marvelous feat to play this immensely tough sport whilst physically disabled.I have two of all my limbs and I'm still playing 'handicapped'.I used to organise ten pin bowling for the visually impaired. The amount of registered blind players who could roll strike after strike after strike was unbelievable. Respect!

The first basic thing is to concentrate on the present and forget the past. Concentrate on what you have to do than concentrating on what you have done. Do not go too much ahead into the future as well thinking about how you are going to fair well at the end of the game.This is the basic step to learn golf game...keep sharing.

Bader Pipe Competition has been cancelled, due to the organiser deciding he couldn't run it anymore and we couldn't get anyone else to take his place.  Shame.

That's a shame.I'd have given my right arm to play in that