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Cancer Research Marathon

An idea for you all might be something a friend and I tried for two years in a row. We woke up at the crack of dawn (in fact earlier!) and set off trying to play as many holes as we could in a day. The first time we did it, we managed 109 and last year I personally completed 111, with my playing partner quitting at 90 with blisters and weak knees. Both times I probably could have gone further, but for being restrained by family and friends who probably feared for my health! :L Both days were a great experience and I'd advise you to give it a try, perhaps getting your friends and family to sponsor you per hole for an extra incentive!

Is there a bigger organisation does this? Or a wider scheme? Quite interested but not sure where to start.

It was advertised at the time as "The Longest Day Golf Challenge", or somethign along those lines. That was to do 72 holes but being the way we are, we decided to take that to another level, and ended up just organising all the fund-raising etc ourselves.

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Is there a bigger organisation does this? Or a wider scheme? Quite interested but not sure where to start.

start with a day ticket and go from there. to be honest if it was an official 'event' i reckon a fair few courses would waive green fees. it'd be interesting to play as many courses in one day as possible, but of course logistics play a part in that one. i reckon 5 would be the limit and it'd have to be june 21st.

This thread would be a little more interesting if it wasn't merely a blatant attempt to score points for H2H! Longest Day was June 20 or 21! However, a couple of years ago, someone I know (vaguely) organised a 4-ball to play all 6 Open courses in England in the one day. A helicopter was involved and total raised was over 100K! Worth the effort. And there's a good story (in the changing room) of a charity effort by a member at Rye who played 100 holes in a day - then repeated the feat 25 years later!

to be honest i've had enough after 18 holes. i reckon for the near future anything above 27 would indeed be brave.

Macmillan Cancer Support organise the Longest Day Challenge, the idea being you submit your best two scores from a team for 72 holes completed during a single day. Sponsorship funds raised get sent to Macmillan and the leading four teams (scores achieved and funds raised) go to a finals weekend in Portugal I completed it this year and the golf wasn't as physically tiring as I thought it would be - until I came to stand up after the 73rd hole. Next day was unbelievably hard to move around!

I'd love a go at this

we did it in july and moved pretty quickly, which is how we managed to do over 6 rounds, but it definitely hurt the next day! we got the idea from the macmillian challenge but decided to take it one step further and it's definitely worth a go.