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Charity Event I Organised

I've organised a charity golf event which is taking place 28th February at Peterstone Lakes GC in South Wales. its been a joy to organise. the charity were raising money for is SANDS which deals with people losing children or babies at a young age. me and my partner sadly lost our litle boy last year June 19th. so its a tribute aswell for our son. if anybody has facebook then type in dylan james murray and there is a tribute group and a golf group for the event taking place at the end of the month. currently we have 22 people playing. i contacted several companies and people to see if any would kindly donate raffle prizes. The European Tour donated an official Valhalla European Ryder Cup Team Uniform. Todays Golfer magazine donated 4 clubs - Forgan F3 driver, S-Blade Putter, Srixon 60 degree wedge and a ben sayers benny hybrid. also titleist donated some balls. i can't wait for the event to take place. had trophies made and t-shirts for the day. its not on the scale of other charity golf days im sure as they seem to be able to offer so much more for prizes. if anybody would like to donate then i will leave the link below. but a charity golf day is rewarding as your helping many others by playing a sport you love. if you go onto the golf charity facebook group you can see all the prizes as there are pictures.

Good luck with the day, Golfzilla.A friend of ours lost her little boy at just a few days old, almost exactly 3 years ago: she's campaigning for improved neonatal care and is currently petitioning Number 10 to rectify the shameful situation which means that newborn babies don't get the one-to-one nursing that's given to adults in intensive care.If any GM members wish to sign the petition they can click here.

hi, thankyou very much. i have signed the petition. sadly its a taboo subject that not many people are comfortable talking about. but by bringing awareness of the fact this happens on a daily basis to people. then something will hopefully be done to prevent it even more.what we went through its the most hurt i think i will eevr feel and if i can raise money for SANDS who help people in my situation then i'll do all i can. sadly for us it hasn't even been a year but you never really get over this sort of thing. but the donations we have had have been amazing

GolfzillaWe too lost a child, our daughter Jasmine was born on the 30th January. She was born at 22 weeks and 1 day.We are still coming to terms with this which is so hard. In Jasmine's memory we also decided to raise money for Sands using justgiving and we are delighted to have gone over our target figure in little over a week.For those wishing to know more the webpage is - luck with the golf day buddy, hope the sun shines brightly for you and congratulations for the way you have organised things.

Doodles,i read your story and it truly is a sad one. my heart goes out to you and your family. i just hope you are coping with it better. we never get over these things. if we have 10 more kids they will never replace the one's that cannot be here. i commend you for being so brave so soon to help raise money. also thankyou for your kind words. you sound like a good man in a good family. i hope life is kind to you in the future and nothing but joy. it will get easier i promise. but they will never be forgotten.  this is the group for dylans tribute golf - Tribute to Dylan James Murray - Golfand the tribute group for dylan - Tribute to Dylan James Murray

Nice words mate which are greatly appreciated.My family and I are attending a snowdrop walk this Sunday in aid of Child Bereavment Trust in West Wycombe. We get the chance to plant a snowdrop in memory of a lost one.I will be happy to plant one in your absence for the memory of Dylan if you wish, it will be a pleasure to do so.Tim

Hi Tim, That would be really nice of you to do that and would be proud to have a snowdrop planted for Dylan near Jasmine. sounds like a good thing to plant snowdrops and something im sure will grow to be beautiful. you are more than welcome to play in my charity event if you so wish to - i know its short notice and sure you have alot on your mind lately but your are very welcome to attend. and would be a joy to have you there.Paul

Hello again PaulJust to let you know that we planted the snowdrop today in memory of Dylan in a lovely place surrounded by woodland in the Dashwood estate in West Wycombe.I think Jasmine and Dylan would approve. I cannot make your golf day but thank you very much for the offer and i hope it goes very well.All the best, Tim

Hi Tim,thanks for doing that, it sounds lovely and im sure dylan will watch it grow as will jasmine into beautiful flowers.If you change your mind your very welcome but i do understand its short notice. hopefully we have weather like yesterday was. lovely and sunny.Paul

Hi PaulFollowing the death of my son (aged 2 days) two years ago I now hold the Todd Smith Memorial at my golf club in the Midlands.We hold the event once a year and each time we have raised in excess of £2000 for the FSID charity.Some ideas that may help;

  • Get the holes / tees sponsored - I got £100 for each of the 11 holes last time.  To help entice them in I had a sponsors draw that meant that one of the sponsors (drawn from hat) would win a weekend away for 2 at a golfing hotel.This didnt cost me anything as I had got it as a prize, but it did help me to get more sponsors.
  • Get a hole in one sponsor that will pay the £200 or so insurance to cover against a car.  This doesnt make you any more money but does add value to the event.
  • On the "hole in one hole" we had a hit the green and double your money competition but only about 10 of the 70 odd players hit the green and many didnt want the cash!  I also gave each person a 4 pack of lager if they made a bet of £10 on this regardless of whether they hit the green or not.

Hopefully they may be of use to you. All the bestMitch

I'm local to there...any places left?

at my event at peterstones?

Hi All,hope the golf days are going well, my wife and I are organising one following the loss of our son Cameron in December, we're raising money for Sands, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity,  you can get more info on the prizes etc on our Facebook page: you can download entry forms from the following locations: Having attended a recent chairty event in Birmingham i recognise now the importance of events like this to help raise money for as many worthwhile causes as possible.  I'll do my best to support you, and would really appreciate it if some of you guys could attend ours - there are still some places available Mike