Charity Golf Event 25 Aug

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Charity Golf Event 25 Aug

We are a registered charity improving the lives of young people by providing recognised vocational qualifications.

We are holding a Golf Day on 25th August at Morley Hayes where teams will compete in a Stableford tournament with extra prizes for nearest the pin and longest drive.

Breakfast, refreshments and lunch are provided with additional entry to practice facilities.

The day will finish with an auction, where bids are invited for:

·        Exclusive 8 gun shoot on the Duke of Westminster’s Abbeystead Estate

·        A live ‘tank day’ with the Scots Guard

·        18 holes for 4 at The Berkshire

·        A Typhoon simulator experience with the Royal Air Force

·        Signed Lee Westwood shirt and cap.

And many others

Cost is £400 for a team of four

Find out more details on our website

This event is in a really good cause – last year nearly half of all teenagers leaving school didn’t achieve 5 acceptable GCSEs or equivalent

These young people are more likely to end up Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET)

Please help us to give them a second chance.

The Edexcel BTECs we offer are internationally recognised by educators and employers. They appeal to teenagers who are disenchanted or disengaged from traditional academics at school. Each of our BTECs is the equivalent of 4 GCSEs.

It's a wind up surely?

Thank you for responding to our event. We are a legitimate charity , providing vocational opportunities to young people who are part of the MOD cadet forces , St John Ambulance, The Princes Trust , The Girls and Boys Brigade as well as providing qualifications to adults in the cadet forces and the regular Army. All of our qualifications are accredited by exam board Edexcel , City and Guilds and ILM. Whilst there are young people in the UK who have decided that they do not want to engage in school , there are many who have made a commitment to a youth organisation and simply require the opportunity to succeed in an alternative environment to traditional school. You will also note from our range of auction prizes that the MOD actively support us. If you have the time you are more than welcome to visit our website for a better insight into what we do.

I have to say I know where Sarah is coming from, School for me was not some thing I want to return to, it was no fun for me.Will take a look Sarah, but we are all in the same boat at the moment, and 4-500squid split 4 ways for a good day and a good cause is not at the top of my list of things to spend on this year or next, it lies with family commitments, so sorry.Good luck with the day and the Charity.

Thank you for your support. I work for CVQO because I have spent the last 4 years working with the young people we support and there is a great need out there believe me. This is our first golf day and however negative I value the feedback. I would like to hear people's thoughts on the cost of our day and how it compates to others , what are golfers prepared to pay for a charity day ? What would make you choose to enter ? Great course ? Great Cause ? Celebrity Golfer involved ?

Sarah, in the current financial climate I think people are being very choosy when it comes to spreading their charity pounds. £400 a team isn't outrageous by any means. For me the cause comes first, followed by the quality of the course (I have to admit I've never heard of Morley Hayes). Your webpage makes little mention of the prizes that are up for grabs although the auction lots are excellent. Good luck with your golf day.

Tim, thank you for responding. Can I also assume that excellent prizes for the winning team is a bonus ?

Sarah, the auction items are going to be won by your wealthier players and thus put out of the reach of much of the field. Therefore good prizes for playing well can only be an incentive for people to sign up.

Thanks again Tim , a very good point.