Difference between Ping G20 irons and Ping G15 irons

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Difference between Ping G20 irons and Ping G15 irons

Ping G20 Irons is popular among the whole market since it is released from August. It not only carries on technology of same G series as before, also improve in some parts like looking or feel.

Then what outstanding features does thePing G20 Irons for salehave?
Forgiveness and accuracy are achieved trough extreme perimeter weighting in the 17-4 stainless steel head. A multi-material cavity badge made of soft elastomer improves feel and sound while enhancing distance control, allowing you to play your best golf.
Consistent, precise distance control was achieved by using a thin face backed by a floating CTP structure. Weight in the back flange of the deeply cut, multi-cavity head increases the MOI. Combined with PING’s new CFS steel shaft, the G20 optimizes feel and trajectories.
Compared toG15widely used and owned as one of G series, what difference do them have? I try to post some differences between them from the test play of G20 irons.
1.       The G20's are a pretty nice looking club up close IMO. The badge/CTP has some heft to it and seems to have more weight than the one on the G15
2.       The G20 felt noticeably lighter thanPing G15 Irons. The shaft certainly felt lighter. The club was actually easier to swing as well.
3.       The sole of the G20 was very close to the same size as the G15. At least I could not tell that much of a difference. If I had to lean one way, I would say it was a bit narrower.
4. I even did the fingernail test to see if the grooves were different and they seemed to be the same depth on both models.

5. Swinging the G20 was a breeze. I could tell the weight was certainly different and the club certainly launched the ball higher. Was hitting into a white net and could tell where the ball was hitting. I was consistently a little higher with the G20. Not too much, but I could tell.
6. Distance: As I mentioned I could not tell, however the G15 still felt good to me and although I hit the G20 a bit higher that may not translate into more distance. I have tried many irons and consistently hit my 8 iron right at 135 yards. 

7. Advantage: I guess getting the ball up quicker and softer feel it goes to the new Ping G20 Consistency, familairity and distance I would probably stick with G15's.
8. Hybrids: a definite change in the profile over the G-15's. The G20's have reduced some of the bulk on the back end of the club. These are also considerable lighter as well.

9. F/W's: These have an even lower profile than the G15's.
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