Fitness in Golf Will Improve Your Scores

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Fitness in Golf Will Improve Your Scores

Fitness in golf is receiving more and more attention lately. All one has to do is watch the PGA and LPGA players and it isCleveland CG15 Oil Quench Wedgeobvious that to compete at a winning level being in shape is important. Many of the top touring pros have been quoted as to the importance of golf exercises as being a major factor in their success.

More than any other sport requiring the participant to swing an object to hit a ball the golf swing puts a tremendous strain on the body, especially the spine.  This is why anyone that participates in the crazy game of golf should be preparing themselves by doing some golf stretches and golf workouts.

To quote perhaps the greatest golfer ever Tiger Woods said, Callaway FT-IQ Driver"it would be absurd to think a football player, basketball player or baseball player wouldn't physically work on his body to play better golf. Why wouldn't a golfer do the same thing?"

At the time Tiger became a PGA pro many of his peers where out of shape and put no effort towards building muscle mass. It wasn't too long after he started winning at an unprecedentedTitleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 1.5 Putterlevel that it dawned on them that to compete with Tiger they would also need to begin exercise for golf.
If you sign up for golf lesson with a PGA teaching professional one of the golf tips they will provide will be golf specific stretching exercises to increase your flexibility for a longer golf backswing.  It will also increase your golf swing speed leading to longer shots.  It is nearly impossible today to find any golf instructions that fails to mention some form of golf exercise to help with your golf swing.

I can personally say that when I was a younger man and a good athlete I could golf thirty six holes a day and feel no pain. By the time I hit 40 eighteen holes was a good golf workout. Then Mizuno MX 1000 Ironswhen I hit my early fifties I knew I had better get in some kind of golf shape if I wanted to continue to enjoy this wonderful sport.

Thanks to a great golf fitness program I found online I am enjoying golf more than I have since my early days in the sport. I no longer worry about tweaking my back or anything else. Being 57 years old I now hit the ball straighter and farther than I have in twenty years.

Flexibility and strength are two key ingredients in your golf swing that will result in longer and straighter drives. By participating in a golf fitness program you will feel better on andPing G15 Fariway Wood off the course and feel younger while doing it. Golf workouts are a win-win situation. It a simple matter of taking the right attitude and think of your workout as a means to achieving your lowest scores you have ever shot.

Golf is fast becoming one of the most popular sports these days - men, women and children of all ages are playing the game on a professional and amateur level. With hundreds of golfMizuno MP-69 Ironscourses all over the country, golfing is now a hobby, socialising tool and sport to many people. There are so many reasons to play golf - here are a few.