Four Course Classic

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Four Course Classic

You'll have seen the banners around the site for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign's Four Course Classic charity golf event. Here's a bit more info on the UKs biggest golf challenge:

The Four Course Classic challenges golfers to play 72 holes in just 16 hours on one of the longest days of the year. Starting at dawn on Friday 18 June, each team of four will compete in a Stableford competition over 4 different courses in a race against the sunset.

For a registration fee of just £25 you will get complementary green fees for your four courses, Four Course Classic branded golf balls and polo shirts, and a fundraising pack to help you raise sponsorship. There are top prizes for the overall winners and the biggest fundraisers too.

Some of the world's greatest courses have signed up to support the challenge with St Andrews, Celtic Manor and Royal Troon amongst the 500 UK courses to have donated tee times. Sam Torrance, Rory McIlroy and Graeme McDowell have also been quick to give their backing to this challenge that aims to raise £250,000 to support the 70,000 people in the UK affected by devastating muscle disease.

To find out more or sign up for the challenge head to If anyone has any further questions please feel free to ask them here and I'll do my best to answer them!

Muscular Dystrophy Campaign

Hi MattDo I still have to pay green fees at the courses?ThanksDave 

Hi Dave,No, green fees are included within the £25 registration fee along with the branded gear (balls, polo shirt) that we send you. So you can look at it as costing £6.25 per course for four courses - bargain!Matt

Sounds like a brilliant day, especially at that price.

Would love to do it, but I'm doing the 146 mile coast to coast bike ride for charidee the weekend before so raising more sponsorship money might be tough. Also the 2 areas nearest to me are taken up

Will sponsor someone though.

Good luck to all taking part

Daft question - what if there are only three courses doing it in my area?

Hi Matto, Not a daft question at all. We're stil recruiting courses so if we are missing one in your area then and we know you're interested then we can focus our efforts into finding the fourth for you. If we still come up short we can maybe look at playing one of the courses twice so you're still getting the full 72 holes worth.Feel free to drop me a PM if you'd like me to look into courses into your area in particular - if they're not already on the map at - and hopefully we'd be able to get you fixed up.I should also have mentioned that if anyone's keen to take part but can't get 3 mates to take part with, we can work to fix you up with others in the same situation.Aww Shhh-uger - good luck with your bike ride, rather you than me!!Matt

The suggested sponsorship figure is £250.What happens if this figure is not reached. Can we still participate?Regards

Get Prestbury and Motteram Hall on the Macclesfield courses and I'll get a team up.

I was going to do this but all the courses close to me are fully booked up

Spartacus - the £250 figure is a target and isn't a binding requirement. Provided you've made an effort and raised a few quid ten we wouldn't stop anyone from playing - I think that would only be the case if a team had raised nothing and was clearly doing it just for 4 cheap rounds. Some people will raise far more than the target, some less so it should all work out. £250 actually isnt as difficult as it sounds (25 people to give you a tenner each makes it sound more manageable) and our fundraising team are able to help you get the cash in. We provide you with a fundraising tips pack as well to keep things easy.It really is worth getting to the £250 mark though because, as well as massively helping us as the charity, anyone who does raise this much gets entered into a draw to win a free fourball at Wentworth. Plus there will be a big prize for the top fundraiser in the whole competition.Crazyface - we'll get on to it with those two and let you know!Robster - sorry to hear that, if you let me know the area/courses that you'd like we can look into trying to source some extra availability.

East Renfrewshire Golf Marathon

  • Fereneze Golf Club04.00-04.30
  • East Renfrewshire Golf Club (my home club)09.00-09.30
  • Eastwood Golf Club12.30-13.00
  • Bonnyton Golf Club17.30-18.00

Thanks Robster, will see what I can do

Crazyface - we've managed to get Prestbury and Wilmslow signed up now in the Macclesfield area, although no joy with Mottram Hall. If you head to they're listed under the Macclesfield marathon and are available for sign-up now.Robster - still working on negotiating the extra tee times with East Renfrewshire marathon, will keep you posted.

Aberdeen one seems all booked up as well.  How do we get another one organised?  Bit worried that the current Aberdeen one has two mentions of the Deeside course in it.

Hi Ken,The Aberdeen one went pretty quickly I'm afraid with Royal Aberdeen being such a prestigious course. Deeside is mentioned twice as they have two courses within the one club.We can't get any more tee times with Royal Aberdeen but can try to set up another one around the area if you like - drop us an email on with your details and we'll try our best to sort you out. We still have a hit list of 16 clubs we're trying to get signed up so we can see which of these courses work best for you if you like.Matt

Hello Matt, I am down for this challenge along with seven mates at the Pontypool leg in Gwent- Is it permissable to have a buggy standing by for the later rounds or is there any hard and fast rules regarding this-will there be anybody in attendance from the charity to cheer us on at some stage ? -I appreciate there will be a lot of people out and about that day so there will be a lot to get around ! We are of to recce the courses in advance to get a little better prepared over the next few weeks !

It requires huge skill and learning to take the ball down to the greens and eventually into the hole, which also doesn’t mean to say that golf is a game meant for those innately and genetically capable of playing the game. Safety is another concern that has to be borne by each and every golfer – safety to himself and to the others around in the golfing arena. This is the important process of learning golf game...keep sharing.

Matt.  Any luck on getting any more places for the East Renfrewshire marathon?