Golfs Longest Day

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Golfs Longest Day

Hi Boys & Girls. Not been on here for a while, but I've come begging for money.


In August I'm planning on playing golf all day. From first light until last.  Apart from meal breaks.  

This is all for a charity called CALM.

For those that don't want to click on a link CALM is THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST LIVING MISERABLY, or CALM, is a registered charity, which exists to prevent male suicide in the UK.   In 2013, male suicide accounts for 78% of all suicides and is the single biggest cause of death in men aged 20 – 45 in the UK. 

The reason I'm doing this is that when I was 17 my dad took his own life and more recently a week before last christmas my best friend took his own life at the age of 36.  After my friends death his family set up a just giving page for CALM in his memory, which made me aware of this charity.  

My goal is obviously to raise as much money as possible but also to spread awareness of this charity.


More details and just giving link will follow.

Ive tried uploading a poster I been using to advertise my golf day but it seems I can't on my tablet. If anybody does want to sponsor me details can be found here Twitter @golfslongestday  

Wes, You have my backing. Respect to you for doing this and for sharing your traumatic experiences. I haven't experienced the suicide of anyone close but I know that its impossible to fully understand something like this until you've been affected by it. I've lost my Mum suddenly and also a young baby son, so I do know the crushing pain & void left in your life by those who are no longer with you & the heartache of not being able to say those things you wanted to say. I've had bouts of depression but am not familiar with CALM and it seems they do a great work. Sport is great therapy - enjoy your day & hope you get good support mate

Thanks Dave. Much appreciated.

Wes, Best of luck with your event.   Many Thanks for drawing my attention to the work of CALM as I had not come across it previously. This is a subject that needs to aired and discussed openly to enable those affected by the issues to be able to speak out and obtain the support they require. For many years I worked as a trained negotiator supporting people in need of crisis intervention and suicide prevention. Suicide prevention is an issue that deserves a much wider audience as there are signs that can be identified as people reach the lowest point of their depression. I wish you well with your event and applaud your efforts to turn a personal tragedy into a positive for the benefit of others.

Played 2 rounds back to back today and wasn't too bad. Used Runkeeper to track the first round. Just under 2 hours 4.9miles. 6-7 will be a long slog. A nice 4 over on my second round. With a makeable birdy putt on the last to equal my best ever.

thanks for sharing

Will there be enough daylight. 30 odd miles jogging round a track, also playing golf. Sounds like a long haul. Even if you can keep up the pace of a round in two hours, that still equals 12 hours non-stop Jury is still out on whether yoh can do 6 rounds 

Get your money on it then Taz. My problem will be people letting me past, that could slow me down a bit. If I can tee off around 5:30 and finish after 21:30 depending on when it gets light and dark I should be ok.

Just hope it's not this warm 1 round was enjoy yesterday.

Only 2 weeks until my golf day.   Come on Taz how much if I complete more than 6 rounds

1 week today I'll be nearly 12 hours in. How many rounds / holes do you think I'll get in

Right boys and girls and Taz.

I've just done it, my God it was hard work. The hardest thing I have done.

Taz you said I would struggle to do 6 rounds.

Well 135 holes in over 15 hours. 7 rounds plus 9 holes. 34.2 miles

If anyone would like to donate

That is some effort Wes. Well done.

Sorry that's 36.2 miles.

Thanks pitchingwood, it was bloody hhard work. My feet are on fire.

PW thank you so much, really appreciate the support and generosity.

Cap duly doffed A fine and worthy effort Wes - well done!  

Thanks Taz, might have a day away from the course today

What did you shoot?   

Scores were as follows. Par 69 course

Rd1 80
Rd2 85
Rd3 80
Rd4 87
Rd5 80
Rd6 83
Rd7 87
Rd8 9 holes 6over par.

Not as bad as expected, scores not helped by always rushing.