Great Experience!

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Great Experience!
Experiences you asked for. I played a charity event for the Butterwick Hospice, it was at Rockliffe Hall, a brand new Championship standard course. As usual on these event, there are prizes for nearest the pin and hole in one. My colleague, who had invited me to the event and was paying for everything, stepped up on our first par3 and stuck it in the hole winning a

Beat that !!!!!!

Did your friend lose his amateur status ????

A way around not losing amateur status is as follows;If someone gets a hole in one give them a raffle ticket.  Then at the end of the day make the "raffle" draw to see who wins the car.This way the hole in oner wins a raffle prize NOT a hole in one prize!!I think that you can get more info from as they are the main guys doing the insuarnces for these types of prizes.  They did my charity and were very efficient. I tapped up a local car showroom to pay for it - £240 (price depends on length of hole and how many players/pro's) and in return I let them park a car by the green and the tee!!But as a pull it worked a treat - I also did the hit the green to doubleyour money and get a 4 pack of lager. Most people missed the green (90%) but we still gave them all beer!!!  Those that did hit the green left the money in the pot and took extra beer!!!

I love it when you are in Spain or Portugal, playing really well and you arrive at a par 3.A prerry girl in a short skirt is waiting there in a buggy and sasys this is the "charity par 3" where you hand over 10 euros and if you hit the green you get one of the prizes on the table etc etc etc etc...It's only an 8 iron and yet you miss by miles!

Why is it not true?

I disagree, as the prize for achieveing a hole in one is a raffle ticket (not lottery) for which a £30 licence is required (and we have) as we run a raffle each year at the club. 

or you can have the car on loan (for a long time)

<a href="" title="Visit europeanldseries member profile">europeanldseries</a> is correct.I had a little look on the R&A website and found this Bu think i could lose amatuer status for a couple of years for it.

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