Have you been to Augusta National GolfClub??

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Have you been to Augusta National GolfClub??

Augusta National GolfClub is the world's one of the most unique golf course. Everyone knows that there is a host venue for the U.S. Masters. This is the pride of Georgia, and layout of each of its settings are fantastic,golf accessories almost all people who love golf, innermost dreams are, can stand here to open the first hole tee lever.

     Currently, the Augusta National Club implement the very personal management, the green fees are kept secret, and only accept male members, membership lists kept secret. It is said that Augusta is a total of 300 members,golf discount store almost to the top U.S. political and economic elite catch. To join the members only after the recommendation to apply for membership to only when the existing members quit or died, the applicant's eligibility to positive.

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    As the classic track Masters, Augusta National Golf Club is the one of the courses which longing of seaside golf course. The club claims a 18-hole venues and a 9-hole venue, venue in which the standard holes 11,12 and 13 is considered to be the world's most difficult hole, had been jokingly referred to as "Amen Corner." This interesting name from the famous American golf writer Hebo Valencia Bonaventure, because he thought the ball goes here,golf accessories pray to God only through peace can the ball played. In the "Amen Corner", and the difficulty of hitting the ball rolling in the rapid speed of the greens, constitute the most important feature of Augusta National golf course, also make an important test of the level of means of golfers.

   Augusta National Golf Club called the stadium of the best, is a prestigious golf courses in the world, described as "classic."

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