Play golf in the winter

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Play golf in the winter

It's a fickle, blustery wind that tends to blow at this time of year. On some links courses it could be in one of half a dozen directions on any give day.
But conditions in winter, the wind is rarely quiet wherever we play, so it's always good to know how to make the most of your driver, especially hitting into the equipment
For a normal drive, the ball is positioned inside your left heel, your hands and the clubshaft will be level with the inside of your left thigh and the clubhead sole flat on the ground for a normal amount of loft.
To keep it low, it's important to retain the tempo of your swing but move the ball back a little in your stance, so you're playing it opposite the logo on your sweater or shirt. You might also forward-press your hands slightly toward the target to hood the clubface a little.
Now don't try to kill the ball - just tee it maybe a little lower than you would for a normal shot or one you want to fly downwnd and hit it solid. You'll hit a lower ball flight that bores through the wind.

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