practice is not enough in golf ,think then do

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practice is not enough in golf ,think then do

pratice is not enough, thinking  twice then do.

Learning your distances - how far you hit each club - is much more important than trying to hit each club to some predetermined "correct" yardage. There is no "right" distance for each club, there is only your distancediscount golf. That said, a typical male recreational golfer might hit a 4-, 5- or 6- iron from 150 yards, while a typical female might use a 3-wood, 5-wood or 3-iron from that distance. (Beginners often overestimate how far they are "supposed" to hit each club because they watch the professionals blasting 220-yard 5-irons. No matter what the commercial says, you are not Tiger Woods! Pro players are in a different universe; do not compare yourself to them.)Japanese golf
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