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Twitface Open

I am the founder and chief organiser of a fantastic new amateur golf tournament in Spain this November.

Promotion of this event is done through social media hence the name The Twitface Open.

It is being played at the awesome Finca Cortesin, venue of 3 World Matchplays. The current guaranteed prize fund is €3,500 and increasing all the time.

There is a huge charity element to the event too.

For further details go to or our FB page:

Thanks for reading and be great to see you in November.

Please have a look at this video - this highlights the quality and class of Finca Cortesin's golf course and resort. This is where our tournament is being staged and we are proud of our association with them. Book your place at The 2014 Twitface Open to experience it first hand yourself.

Twitter or Facebook, who will shut you down quicker? My bet is Facebook

Why do you say that - Twitface is not there rights

You are using their trademarks specifically to gain a commercial advantage, if you think they will allow that (especially mashing their two trademarks together) then I think you are being a little naive There is no ambiguity at all, you are using Twitter and Facebook to promote an event, but your mistake is using their actual logos or part logos to brand your event, you will be made to remove these, it is not even a question of IF only when. Furthermore it looks like a collaboration between these two and you are running it where in actual fact this is just a golf event and you have mashed up two of the most identifiable logos on the planet and thought to use it, that aint going to work and I can guarantee you at some stage you will get a letter saying change it or else. I would suggest you change it now to save yourself this very real issue in the future  

I appreciate your comments but they are not even the same fonts, similar yes but not the same. The domain and idea has been in force for nearly two years now and nothing has been said to date. I cannot see how they can challenge it to be honest. If Richard Branson can take on the big boys from scratch (ha ha) then so will we. I might put a disclaimer on the website stating that Twitter & Facebook are nothing to do with this charity tournament   Cheers   Graham      

What about advertising a commercial venture on a forum..... surprised the mods haven't asked you for a cheque or deleted the threads