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Winning Scores

Greetings all,

Haven't been here for a bit as rarely play nowadays. Hope you are all well.

I'm playing in a charity day soon. It's a team thing, Stableford scoring, best 2 scores per hole from a team of 4 to be counted.

What sort of team score would be necessary to figure do you think? I've not played much team stuff so need a steer if possible.



PS That Srixon advert with the lightning has given me a headache in the time I have taken to write this. Is that there all the time??

In the last Texas scramble we had, we came third with a score of  59.7.  The winners had 57.3

2 out of 4 scores is usually gonna mean that a good 'score' for a team is gonna be 5 points per hole on average, with a few 6 pointers thrown in. If seen mid-nineties winning these at my club.

Oops!  Missed it was Stableford scoring, please ignore my previous post.  I am a wally.

Thanks guys

Ho Sean...long time no see

Played that format in the Winter Open at Porthcawl and some right cowboys got 94 in a gale!

And 94 was the winning score....

Sean hi! You still starting races? Good to see you are still around and playing. 

Was going to say if it was well managed with handicaps then around mid 80's, dodgy handicaps would be mid/high 90's.

Sie, good to hear from you! Still do some starting but not much. More management stuff at the moment. Play an odd round but not a member anywhere. Got into microlight aircraft and have my licence. Here is my latest babe  

kefkef, nothing to do with dodgy handicaps just pretty obvious that out of 4 golfers playing decent golf then you would average 5 pointers, with a few nett birdie holes From two players.