3 wood shaft advice

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3 wood shaft advice
I'd like to get a Taylormade V Steel and fit a new shaft, I like the Aldila NVS on a hybrid I have, should it be the same if I get the 3 wood shaft version? is it more complicated than that and depends on weight of 3 wood head? and other advice?

It should be remebered that hybrids have shafts similar to that in irons. If I was choosing a shaft for a 3 wood I would be more inclined to match the shaft in my driver. I have a Taylormade 580 3 wood and have never felt the need to change the shaft as they seem to fit ones which work very well in the first place.When I was comparing iron shafts I had Taylormade lite in the irons and found UST Proforce a very good match.

On the V steel range i think the shaft on the fairways is quite light, so look carefully at that. I use a V steel 5 wood and to be honest i don't find the shaft too offencive, bit boardy but okay. But going back to your hybrid shaft, I think I would tend to agree with JimP in tha I would look at my driver shaft, in fact I have done this in the past. But what your saying also suggests you have not reached a point where your comfortable with your driver. I have been using an Axivcore tour green shaft in my driver and been very happy with it. I had a J33 7 wood with a regular shaft but was over powering it and required a change. After some discussion with an experienced club fitter, he said get a slightly heavier version (driver is 65g and fairway is 75g) of the driver shaft and he would install it in the 7 wood head. I did this and now my 7 wood is a real weapon.But if you really are fond of the NVS try it installed in a suitable driver head and see if you like it still. You never know until you have done it! But make sure it's a shaft for drivers and fairways - not hybrids.  

Hi , scubascuba,The Aldila NVS shaft is a very good shaft and if you already have this shaft in another club and you hit it well then it would be a good starting point for your 3 wood. They come as wood shafts and to fit a 3 wood the tip has to be trimmed to the particular club your fitting it to (in this particular shaft, 3 wood 1") this is done to offset weight of the head as club head weights get heavier as they progress thru the set. They also come in differing weights ie. 55,65,75 grms, the heavier the shaft the stiffer they are so they are rated for differing swing speeds, for example 55gm "R" flex s/speed 75-85 mph, 65gm "R" flex 80-90 and 75gm "R" flex 85-95mph. They have different tip diameters so you have to get the correct one for your 3 wood head, woods are .335" and hybrids .350", they are rated as having a mid height trajectory.If you let me know how far you hit your driver  (carry distance not incl roll) I can give you a rough guide as to which one would suit.Bob Frost Clubfitter

thanks Bob,i didn't realise the different weighted shafts were for different swing speeds. i have a high trajectory driver as it is effortless to use and the carry is about 215 (i should measure it,as i hit my driver different lengths depending on what hole I'm on).I'm a 6 handicap.i'm mentioning that as you might assume I'm a high handicapper.

I've checked your website out,looks good,can you move to Scotland?..maybe worth putting your website address after your name in these posts

I've just checked my 3 favourite woods,the driver is 65g,3 wood 55g and hybrid above 75g,i hit all very well and all are effortless,the easiest is probably the 55g 3 wood. when my swing speed was measured a few years ago and i don't think its changed it was in the 75-85 bracket

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can you move to Scotland?..maybe worth putting your website address after your name in these posts

I have an NVS in a 4 wood and it is a dream to hit. Stuck it in a driver and it was terrible. Maybe it was because it was tip trimmed for a 4 wood?