Anyone got a 0.335 driver shaft going spare?

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Anyone got a 0.335 driver shaft going spare?

Evening all,

Snapped my driver shaft this weekend in a fit of rage.

Very child like.

As such, I've now got an excuse to have a play around with re-building my driver.

I've never done this before so I'm not looking for owt like a proper XCON.

Anyone got any 0.335 driver shafts going spare?

Preferably something low/mid launch and I think it should be a regular stiffness (I'm not worrying about tip stiff/butt stiff at this time).

Just wondering what I could get hold of without trawling certain auction sites.


Don't mind either way really chap.You got owt going spare thats not a long drive 50"special?Don't think I could handle that!!!  

BUMP for the new season preparations...

Did you get sorted? I've got some that I don't need anymore and could send one on if you like.

If are not sorted I have a Grafalloy Prolite* 35 Reg (burgundy) hardly used but does a small bit of a scratch where the ferrule removal tool slipped. It comes with the ferrule and had a Black Widow grip fitted which does have a bit of wear but does not affect the grip if you have a neutral grip. (My mate tried the driver out and he has a tendency to wear out his grips from the off). looking for £22 inc postage *After market version and not a Driver manufacturers version