Biting the bullet

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Biting the bullet

After many happy years with my Maxfli A10's (and they were second hand when I bought them) I've decided that the time has come to treat myself to a new set of irons.

I'm planning to have them custom fitted and I really want to use an independent club maker who's not going to try and sell me the latest fad from one of the big names.

I was going to try the people at Custom Golf Studio near Royston but their website has been frozen and I got no answer to an email so I'm not sure of they're still going.

Geographically the next option is Lee Porter at Hylands Golf Centre near Chelmsford. Anyone had any experience with him?

Or can anyone recommend a club fitter? I'm based in Cambridgeshire so anywhere within a reasonable distance would be considered.

I'll take the silence as a "no" then

Tim,The guy who ran Custom Golf Studio is no longer working as a cub fitter.Go see Lee!!!!

Tim, i've heard from friends that Thorpe Wood fitting centre near Peterborough is very good and independant, shouldn't be to far from you either.

Thanks chaps, I've made an appointment to see Lee next Saturday.