Bore through Hosel

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Bore through Hosel

Anyone carried out a shaft replacement in a bore through hosel?

What is the easiest way to remove the original shaft?

What do you use to plug the end to finish it off?

More detail please Taz ,  graphite , steel , iron? Wood?

Steel headed Kasco K2K - similar to the early Callaway bore through's I have two hybrids, superb heads but I have always thought the graphite shafts were a bit flexy. I have seen a couple of aftermarket Grafalloy Prototype Comp hybrid shafts for sale that will suit and want to just replace them. I have fettled clubs before and built drivers, irons etc. Have never pulled a shaft and probably wont bother - just cut off and ream out. Really just need to know how they are finished off underneath the head. Is it just a plug, or a black filler?  

I just did a bore thru cally x16 iron for someone!  The bore thru blanking pins are available from gamola golf for 6 pounds. I just bought some of the bigger diameter ones for use with steel shafts, the principal is the same though.  I totally agree with drilling out though, too much heat required for a clean pull..

Just remember that if the two shafts you have seen were 'pulls' they are likely to be under length for a through bore fitting and the flex could be altered by having more of the shaft in the head.  If the through bore is a taper fit then you will need an appropriate size taper reamer.  

Don't think I'll bother