Bridgestone Ball Fitting Day

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Bridgestone Ball Fitting Day

Big thanks to Golf Magic for arranging the Bridgestone fitting day at Silvermere GC on Friday 15.05.15.


Before our ball fitting Danny Osbourne of Bridgestone explained the characteristics behind their ball range & how it differed from other companies. We were then given 6 shots with a driver using our current ball under the watchful eye of the Bridgestone ball fitter using Trackman for feedback. After consultation we were then given a Bridgestone ball to compliment our swing.


Speaking from a personal perspective the results were incredible. Swinging at 109mph with Driver using a Pro V1 ball I was able to get 269 yards with around 5 yards of dispersion on average. I was given a B330S Tour ball to use & saw instant improvements, most notably in dispersion which was virtually zero. Distance gain was similar but achieved with 2 mph slower Swing Speed.


All in all I was amazed what a ball fitting could do for my game. We were invited to play Silvermere after lunch with Bridgestone & some of the staff from Golf Magic. We played with the balls issued by Bridgestone & I can say without doubt I will be staying with this ball for the remainder of this season.


Verdict: Well worth getting fitted for your next ball.

How did you get on the fitting day if this is your first forum post TB? Really I'm just jealous as would have loved to have been down there!

Great to meet you Mark and best of luck with the new ball. Enjoy Wentworth this week. 

I just played a quick nine with my b330 last night, was pleasantly surprised how soft it felt in comparison to my hex chrome + i was using before. Hit some good shots , some bad too(actually a lot of bad) But putting wise i putted very consistently with it, and greenside spin was top notch with chips checking nicely. I'm normally pretty tough on balls but this one seems unblemished and will continue play on monday!

I'd have lost 'em all by now. 

I've always liked Bridgestone balls . . . but I love Wilsons

Great to hear Tom

Here is the article with images from the day in cased you missed it