Building a set of Irons

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Building a set of Irons
Im looking at building a set of irons and have a few quiries. Is swingweight something a 1st timer should be messing with. My plan was to buy a set and assemble them, the take the To a club pro and have them lie and loft adjusted. Also I'd like some recommendations I'm looking at either Wishon 555m Wishon 555c Maltby MMB Maltby TRICEPT F2 forged I think I would prefer to go wishon but there difficult to get hold of. Does anyone have any experience of any of these clubs. Thanks guys.

I have a set of Wishon 550C, which I bought from a poster on here. I really like 'em, a bit similar to some MP30s I had, but slightly larger, really good feedback from the shot, but I only use them when I have time to play more than once a week, otherwise my ball striking is not pure enough.Best I can do.

Appreciate the feedback newnick.

Could do with finding someone in the uk who has an account with Wishon I think.


I have one if you want to get in touch. I also have one with Maltby as well. (I'm a custom fitter)

The important thing about swing weight is ensuring that all the clubs in the set are the same swing weight.The simplest to adjust swing weight is adding lead strips to the 'lighter' clubs to make themthe same swing weight as the 'heaviest'club.This is good system for estimating swing

Cheers Jim.

Should it be every club. Including drivers and fairway woods the same weights as the irons.


Do you have an email address. I can't send you a pm for some reason??

I would like to talk further.


Hi Ben, its Happy to talk further. These are probably the best custom component head companies to choose from. My son plays the MMB's and I play the Wishon 560MC's. Both excellent - the MMBs and the 555M's look stunning as well! Nicky

Sorry I cannot answer your question as my knowledge is a bit basic.

Ben, thanks for the tips.!