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Got one of these coming, fantastic but of kit, means you can get the correct lie without using a strike board. Also tells you were the ball strikes the face along with club path, face angle, angle of attack and the usual launch monitor stats

lopking forward to using this 

OK I suppose if you are playing a completely flat pristine, bowling green type lie. Round here though a flat lie is sheer luxury, so it matters not a jot how perfect the blade sits to the ground for 99% of shots. Actually it matters not a jot on all shots outside a concrete range where your feet don't sink an inch into the turf, or the ball doesn't settle into a divot, or is below or above your feet. Funny how we strive for perfection to the nano'th degree, in a game where the conditions are always, always less than perfect. It ain't snooker, or darts - the environment varies, massively. What I can hit in a straight line around the track is the only true test - the rest, as they say, is bollocks.  

What happens if you club is 2 deg to upt for you and then you have a ball below your feet lie, it will be very difficult plus this machine is more of a teaching tool

WTF is a C2-HMT??? Sounds like a drug kids take at raves.

Launch monitor that measures your club through impact, cost £12k

and a striking board costs?

£2.50 and a spuggie's egg....

Marc crossfields use of his is great in his videos , shows how strike position is so critical to spin profile on drivers for instance. Its great stuff. for instance... this driver spins waay to much... its killing my distance. No its just your hitting it below centre on the face.  How many people have looked at impact stickers when testing a new driver? Not many i bet! This technology is beneficial for that at least

For £12k I could buy a robotic arm!

Impact stickers effect the spin. Strike boards effect the golfer 

c2 hmc effects the bank balance