Cobra AMP Cell Driver - Shaft change

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Cobra AMP Cell Driver - Shaft change

Vet Golfer now 82 but still playing well off H/C 15( and a sometimes troubled shoulder).  My Cobra AMP Cell Driver had had a slight upgrade shaft change when new to a  Graphite Design YSQ 45 gram R Flex.  Recently I tried a Wilson D100 Superlight with Graffaloy Prolaunch Blue in A Flex and felt more comfortable than the Cobra with GD shaft but 'lost' a bit of feel for where the clubhead was - maybe attributed to the lighter head in the Wilson.   I am considering reshafting the Cobra with the Graffaloy A flex.  Does anyone have any experience with this shaft in the Cobra adjustable head ?  Would appreciate any relevent feedback.  Thanks.

I would suggest buying a second shaft adapter and building the grafalloy up seperately. Yiu can then chop and change between the two, and see if there is a difference.

Thanks for your response. Yes that is my plan but clubmaking components not easy to come by out here so before going to expense or ordering shaft and connector with resultant shipping costs I was just hoping someone may have already tried.

Some time gone by since last post but to update...  I managed to get another sleeve adapter and fitted the Graffaloy Blue A Flex.  An improvement on the GD shaft - easier to swing in my ageing years and dispersion slightly better but ball flight much higher so not so good in that respect.  Now replaced the A Flex with Graffaloy Blue Speedcoat R Flex and getting excellent results....  slightly longer distance, still straight but slightly lower ball flight.