custom fitted where in Kent, DRIVER?

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custom fitted where in Kent, DRIVER?

Went to a Callaway day at my golf club, said I had hit most of the clubs in the shop and liked the Callaway Hawk and the Mizuno 800jpx and told them I had a very serve slice, next thing I know there letting me hit loads of balls with hawk Draw with a 11 degrees this to cut down on the side spin, My swing speed is about 88mph so he said that's a regular shaft, although I was hitting a few straight ones with both clubs, they never said anything about the grip or type of shaft, and I didn't at the time think to ask them if this would make a bigger impact?

What do think ? service ok and they where right or they where rushing to try and sell and move on to the next customer?

does anyone know a top notch custom fitter for drivers in the vicinity of north Kent near Bluewater or just across the water in Essex

thanks in advance

If you were into the Callaway you could go to their fitting place at Leatherhead - not too far on the M25. You'll get more attention than at an equipment day & can try different shafts/head combos.Else search for 'Lee Porter' on Golfmagic - very good reputation. He's at Chelsmford which may be OK for you. 

thanks JP

will also give a thumbs up for Lee Porter.....superb service.Lee is based at Hylands Golf Complex just off the A12 on the way to Chelmsford.

thanks for share


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J &P and Ossie checked out lee's own website, might give him a call, looks like he could help usthanks again

Pasty I had a lesson with him about a month ago, I just didnt click with him, i dont know why just didnt

no worries thanks anyway

You can also try based in Kingswood. Facility is run by Jon Fitz who fits Tour Players and anybody else who genuinely wants to improve their game. It's not too pricey, he's patient, easy going, not patronising and won't fill you full of Sales BS. He's a qualified PGA Teaching Pro too, so is just as likely to give you free pointers during the fitting process. Unlike many fitters he won't try to fit you into a set of Pured gold plated Honmas, just cos you turn up in a nice motor.

His clubs are properly built, not just glued together by some uncaring monkey. Swing weights, shaft flexes, bore depths, etc etc are all done/checked meticulously.

Good luck with it and enjoy.

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