Cutting down Belly Putter

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Cutting down Belly Putter

I picked a TaylorMade Ghost Manta Belly Putter recently, brand new still in wrapping for the equivilent of GBP 30.00  Thought I would have a go at modifying it to near normal playing length.  I have been playing a TM Spider Blade at 35" which has counterweight grip so thought I would try to go near the same with measurements.  The Belly Ghost Manta has a heavier than normal head so after cutting the shaft to 35" I counterweighted a TwoThumb Snug Daddy 33 grip which weighed 66 grams by inserting a steel bolt weighing 83 grams up into to the butt end of the grip so the bot slid into the open top end of the putter shaft as the grip was fitted. No idea what the SW is but the feel is good and the results are very satisfactory. A few rounds after starting out with it and now used to the feel my putting has improved significantly. Seen quite a few Premium Brand Belly Putters going at knock down prices so recommend anyone interested to have a go as I did.

I'm intrigued by top brand belly putters going for next to nothing as the retailers want rid of them. I'm not into counterbalancing though. Am I right in thinking that most if not all belly putters have a heavy head as standard? If it was simply a case of getting the pipe cutter out and sticking a decent grip on without having to mess around with weights, i'd pick one of these cheap bellies up to have a go with 

I saw one online at Clubhouse Golf going for GBP 39.00. Original price was 179 !! The Belly Putter headweight of the TM Ghost Manta like the one I have is 440 grams which is about 70 grams heavier than the head on the standard 35" version. If you didn't counterweight the grip end it would feel abnormally heavy. As I said counterweighting the grip was easy by pushing up a steel bolt into the top of the grip before installing the grip.  I don't think the more purist clubmakers would go along with my way of modifying but its cheap and easy to do and it works for me. .

I have an M12 * 120mm cap screw in the back of my standard (but cut to about 32") Yes Callie. Taped the cap screw with masking tape to fit snug inside the shaft.Taped the shaft parrallel to match the cap screw head diameter and blew a normal round grip on. No idea of the weight etc. and very unique BUT it looks fine and works a dream for me!!! Might keep an eye out for cheap brooms......