Does your chewing gum loose it's flavour etc.

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Does your chewing gum loose it's flavour etc.

Do steel shafts have a deteriation rate?To put it simply do they lose distance with age?

Or is it just me losing distance with age??

I am currently playing with a set of Taylormade ICW11 and a set of Mizuno pro 11 irons ( not at the same time ) from approx 1992, complete with the original shafts.I can hit these as far and some times longer than the set of new Taylormade burner xd's ( bag of crap  irons) I had a while back.So for me its made no difference, I guess they could though, as they rust inside maybe?I'm sure one of the people on here will have the technical reason for you.

Here.s hoping for a techie answer ,if there is one.Funny you mention taylormade irons as these are responsible for the original question.A mate has r7 xds and his 8 in my hands go as well as my 5 iron cobra and he dosent hit my club any further so either I need to buy a set of r7s or change my shafts.HELP!! 

It could be that the loft on his r7 8 iron is stronger than on your cobra 5 iron. The strenthinging of the lofts on irons is one reason why you can hit your irons further than a few years ago.

I heard a pro at a local club mention, 'Shaft Fatigue'. I don't know if this exists but sometimes a change is as good as a rest. Not many of us use clubs for more than 5 years or so I would imagine that it is unlikely they would deteriorate too much in this space of time.

We discussed this subject in this thread so take a peek at that and it might shed some light on it.

I missed that thread after I made post a while ago, some interesting comments from the regulars.

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