Driver Fitting with Multiple Brands?

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Driver Fitting with Multiple Brands?
Afternoon all, Not sure if such a place exists but does anyone know of anywhere (ideally Surrey,Hants,Berks) that will do a driver custom fitting with multiple major brands (rather than Wishon etc), a good range of shaft options and both outdoor and launch monitor facilities? If the above doesn't exist then which of the below would be the best option a) Go to a single brand fitting centre that has a full range of shaft options b) Go to a retailer hit a load of drivers, buy the best one then go to a fitter and swallow the cost of a replacement shaft if need be c) Go to a fitter and use component parts

I would think you should be able to get what you want. My local driving range (probably a bit far for you, Garforth Nr Leeds)  is authorised as Ping, Taylormade, Nike, Titleist fitters. They all have their own fitting 'carts' that come with a range of different shafts and head types. It's got the ability to use the range and they also have a couple of different types of launch monitor. You might not get the more exotic shaft types, but i know from my experience i tried at least 3-4 different shafts in different flexes for both TM and Titleist. Might be worth getting onto the websites of the major brands and looking at authorised stockists in your area for each one and seeing who does the most brands at the same location?

Good tip, looks like Silvermere does fitting for Titleist,TM and Callaway so i'll look them up, anyone on here been?

I would try precision golf, my mate is off there in a couple of weeks and they do most brands.

I use Jon @ IronWrx based in Hants. won't have stock like a shop at Silvermere but you'll have a decent 1-2-1 and custom build to your specification.

Precision Golf will have most brands and all different shafts (it's indoors only though). I was there a week ago and it took them almost 4 hours to complete a full bag fitting session.Forgot to write, they are based in Egham (Surrey)