Grip size for an arthritis sufferer

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Grip size for an arthritis sufferer

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this topic, however, I'm hoping a custom fitter or club maker has had to fit out someone with a similar problem.

I suffer from arthritis in my left hand and other parts of my body but it's my hand that gives me the most problems. You see, with my left hand I can only grip a club with the thumb, index and little finger, the other two are pretty useless. I was thinking it may be worthwhile using a jumbo/large grip to make things easier. Some websites openly advertise this, but, has anyone tried it?

Before I commit to spending a fair ammount of money regripping my clubs I would appreciate any thoughts or actual experiences fellow sufferers, club fitters etc may have on the subject.


It may be worth going to a local pro shop and asking them if they have a demo club fitted with a jumbo grip, if so, could you go hit a few balls with it and if it works for you they can regrip all your clubs. I am sure most pro's would be amenable to that. If not then get one club regripped, or better if you have a spare set, then a club from that, and try that out at the practise ground or local range. Its probably not going to take many shots to know if its good for you, or not.

also you might like to try out the Bionic golf glove....the original "Classic" version of this golf glove had padded sections in the fingers to help grip the club more comfortably....however it was "illegal" for competetive play unless you had medical confirmation (doctors note would do) that you suffered with arthritis in the hands.

Illegal?! That's a new one to me. I don't have arthritis but always use these gloves as they are the best fit and feel I have found. Will have to go see doc for a note then?

There are specific grips for arthritis sufferers. Alternatively, if your local pro is good at working on clubs he could take the grips off, put an extra layer of tape on and put the grips back on. If he has a compressor he injects air up the grip, which allows him to pour in some white spirit to soften the glue.Gloves have already been mentioned.I have heard a suggestion that putting a rubber band around the shaft will dampen vibrations - not sure if that's a myth or not. 

Firstly, thanks to all of you for taking the time to reply.I was half thinking about going down the route Creosote mentioned and, to be honest, I now think it's the way to go and will be having a word with one of the local Pros for his help.I didn't know about the Bionic gloves but will definately give one a try. I'll also give the rubber band method a try, in fact I'll try anything, thinning a shot on a cold winters morning certainly wakes you up when you have arthritis in your hand.If any fellow sufferers have been following the thread I'll post again in a few weeks to let you know how I get on.many thank to all,Brom

Chris Rice wrote (see)

Illegal?! That's a new one to me. I don't have arthritis but always use these gloves as they are the best fit and feel I have found. Will have to go see doc for a note then?

Yep, the padded ones are illegal . . . without a medical cert.

Tacki-Mac makes oversize "tacki" grips which work very well compensating for a weaker hand strength. various sizes available +1/16, 1/32 etc...Your local proshop probable has some of these on display for you to feel......

Well, I promised an update and here it is.
I've tried the Bionic Glove, it does seem to help, however, it's a little cumbersome (no doubt I will get used to it) and it feels as though I am hardly gripping the club at all with my left hand. This is probably not a bad thing as I understand the reason for wearing a glove is to reduce grip pressure (may be wrong about that). The gloves seem a tad smaller than normal, I bought a large size, as is usual for me, only to find that it was too small had to get the extra-large.
As for the grips, bought a couple of oversize grips from Gamola Golf (excellent company by the way) and fitted them with extra wraps of tape to make the grip even bigger.
Overall, I am much better off, when playing I don't suffer as much pain in my left hand as I did before and will continue experimenting until I am happy with the grip size. The glove is definately staying.

Thanks to all who contributed to the thread and hope this helps fellow sufferers.

What? its illegal?... this is totally new to me. I hope anyone can verify this one for everybody. Going back to the topic,  I have a friend who has an anthritis, he just went to a doctor for health tips and do some work-out too. Golf gloves are used by anybody though, so its best to see a doctor.