Help to indentify shafts needed

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Help to indentify shafts needed

I have 

1.KBS Tour S flex .355 Taper shaft.  Tip to first taper 6.25" 

2.TT Dynalite Gold XP S300 .355 Taper shaft. Tip to first taper 9.75


Is somebody able to tell me what the original shaft length is from that spec or the usual iron size they would be on. Sorry but both shafts have nearly new grips on and I do not want to remove them to get the information off the shaft.  The information for the TT is not on their website.



You do not tip trim.355 taper shafts. You buy shafts a different lengths and but trim them. What is the what irons have the shaft out off?  

You don't tip trim taper shafts you but trim them. You buy taper shaft at different lengths  for the number on the irons. what club did the shaft come out off?

The questions as posed are exactly what I meant. I am trying to identify which club the shafts go in to.    

Iron now days are .355 taper or .370 parallel. If you have .355 taper shaft you can put them in any hostel of .355 or with a shim it will go into a .370. So your shafts will fit 99% of all iron on the market today.

Phil I'll put in in a way that will make it easier to understand what I am asking. As you have already said and I already knew all .355 Taper shafts are discrete lengths. i.e. a particular length shaft is intended for a particular head number  I have a box of assorted shafts but no heads (ex-demos*)  To identify a shaft and which head it is intended for (as standard for .355 taper shaft) you can either look at the shaft spec which is etched in the butt or you can measure the distance from the tip to the first taper. With the latter of course you need to know this from a table. Now TT publish this table for the Dynamic Gold but the link for the Dynalite does not work on the website. KBS do not have this data on their website.  The other alternative is to check by comparison with another club with the same shaft but I do not have any other clubs with these shafts hence my requests.  * Demo clubs do not have the correct shaft for a head (by number) because allowance has to be made for the length of the adapter. Eg the TT DG which were for a 6 iron head are 9 iron shafts.  

I've had a look around but can't get any further than you have. Do you have a full set of each shafts or just a single? Is this any help?

I have a set of clubs with KBS Tour regular shafts.  I also have one 6 iron (same make different model) with a stiff shaft and the distance to the first step is the same on both.  Based on that and measurements taken from my set I would say that your shaft is for an 8 iron. I don't have an XP S300 but I do have an XP R300 that was pulled from a Mizuno std length 3 iron.  From tip to first step is 14 inches.

Simon thanks. The KBS was suspected  as being an 8 iron from other info gleaned, nice to have confirmation from you.

The standard length on a 5 iron is 38" and goes down in 1/2" increments till you get to the wedges and I think they are 36".

Daniel thanks for your comments but you are missing the point of  the question. One manufacturers standard length is not necessarily the same as anothers. To trully identify a shaft you need the full info. Please read the post 07/12/13 at 22.24