Import duties and taxes

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Import duties and taxes

Hi all, 

im asking for a little advice and help. I want to order an Acer XS titanium 5 wood head from Hireko golf in the USA as it works out about £30 cheaper than ordering from Nordica golf but I've been told by them that there will be import duty or tax to paid on top of the price of the club head but cannot tell me how much this will be. Does anybody have any idea how much this would be and how is it paid e.g. Does the comany pay the import tax then take payment from me or do I get a separate bill from customs and excise before delivery  , I don't know how this works, the club head costs £31 with £12 delivery to UK. 


For imports into the UK, there are minimum thresholds below which duty and VAT are waived. Duty is not charged if either:

  • the FOB value, i.e. the value of the goods excluding shipping and insurance cost, does not exceed £135 
  • the amount of duty payable does not exceed £9 

VAT is not charged if: 

  • the FOB value, i.e. the value of the goods excluding shipping and insurance cost, does not exceed £15

   You should not be liable for any import duty but you will be liable for VAT.

The UK delivery company should collect any VAT due. Quite often they don't and you'll never hear anything more. Don't worry about it, as long as the US exporter has been honest on their Customs Declaration Form then you've nothing to worry about and in this case I'd be surprised if you have to pay anything extra.

Not worth the hassle your item will have vat due of 20%  as this will not be paid by the shipper it will be held by parcelforce they will send you a card saying VAT due of Xx20%  oh yes and have a 12 quid fixed charge for this note you wil lhave to ring them, wait 5 minutes to get through pay the 20% plus 12 quid then the next day your item will arrive I have imported hundreds of packages from the USA.. For a saving as small as you suggest I would not do it, they will probably keep costs down and use USPS (not UPS) and their deliveries are painfully inconsistent, anything from 6 days to 30 UPS is much better but massively more expsensive, think 130usd v 30usd as an example.. If it is a grey import meaning there is a distributor here, they will not be obliged to fix it if you damage the club. Personally i would not suggest anyone import for such a tiny saving, the hassle just aint worth it On the bright side, you will have no duty to pay  

Thanks chaps most helpful.

You could, of course, buy this titanium wood.   Which I can assure you is a fine piece of kit, from the finest manufacturer.       

Thanks Taz, I would normally jump at this as my irons are mizuno and my old driver and 3 wood too, but I fancy making my own 5 wood as I've just put together a driver and it's turned out great so thought I'd try a 5 wood next. Thanks anyway. 

Good on yer  Did the same myself a few winters ago. Built a couple of drivers and a set of irons. Learnt a hell of a lot about club building but sadly, off the shelf equipment outperformed the clone heads.

Yeah that's what I'm trying to copy I guess, if I can make a club that's consistent then I'll get more enjoyment out of playing with it I think. All about trial and error at this point, I  think the shaft is the biggest dilemma there's just so much choice out there.

Well I decided to order my 5 wood club head from the USA and have just picked it up. I ordered it on 1st October and i picked it up today 10th October from the post office. From Nordica Golf it would've cost me £75 delivered. After VAT and a £8 Post Office handling fee it has cost me £55.  Clubhead- £33 Delivery-  £11 VAT-         £3.28 P.O handling- £8 No duty or import tax to be paid on anything valued under £135. And no VAT on anything under £15

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