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Mizuno Fitting & Direct Golf

I've recently (rather belatedly) retired from playing rugby and have been toying with golf for the last few years.

Could try here - just order to the above specs.Snainton Golf

I had the fitting at Wrexham last Friday and I agree about the excellent service. After the fitting, I came awaya nd ordered from Clubhouse golf (look for it on Google) in Manchester. You can adjust all the specifications of the clubs online and the prices are excellent. I e mailed them today regarding the delivery status and I got a response in 10 minutes telling me exactly what stage of the process we were at. So far, I can't recommend them enough.  Cheers      Danny

Thanks Taz and Danny I'll have a look at these sites and check out the prices!


This crowd do custom fit also and claim they have the best price guarenteed in Europe.

Finally heard back from Direct Golf, they'll do 4-pw and throw in a free
MP T-11 wedge all to my requirements for

they're the supermarket of golf.  Best to pay a wee bit more and get a non supermarket service for a good product. For non fitted clubs, balls etc. they are very good but if I was gettig custom fit then I'd want some personal contact and barter on the price if you've got some quotes but don't expect to match the Direct Golf quote as they're the supermarket remember.

Just to let people know, a representative of Direct Golf saw the posts here on the forum and emailed me directly apologising and offering an extra small discount if I order the clubs through them. Nice to see that they do care about their customers and their reputation!

Got an email off direct golf today to say my clubs had been despatched and would be here tomorrow. Typically this is the one day of the week that no one will be home so had to put them off an extra day! This is killing me, can't wait to get my sweaty mits on them. Don't know whether to run to the range with them when they arrive or just go and play 9 holes!