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Mizuno Shaft Optimizer

Booked a session on a Mizuno Shaft Optimizer / Swing DNA system tomorrow to try out the JPX 850 irons. Has anyone used it? What did you think? £20 for session, refundable if you order clubs. Really interested in seeing my stats & what shafts it recommends 

Its a good piece of kit, uses a combination of technologies to measure how you load the shaft, it does tend to pop out quite similar results for all people! It recommended kbs tour stiff dgs300 and px 5.5 for me . It gives some interesting stats about your swing that you can then compare with luke donald , chris wood etc!

Bit of background first – Got fitted for Wilson Staff C100s this time last year. Whilst it was a custom fitting and I got to hit balls out onto a range (not into a net!), there was no technology, just trying out different shafts, then sorting lie angle etc. I got my irons fitted 1 inch longer than standard. I only realised afterwards after a comment on here and then comparing 6-iron lengths of a lot of current iron sets, that these irons are already three quarters of an inch longer than many other iron sets out there. So what I ended up with was irons that were one and three quarter inches longer than many brands’ standard iron lengths. Pretty silly really as I am only 6’1". You live and learn but I’ve been kicking myself for not checking the ‘standard’ length of these irons first and realising that they are already pretty long to begin with, without adding extra length. This has been niggling me for a while, so I really wanted to get some stats and see if going shorter in shaft length regained me some accuracy, and check if this was still the best iron shaft for me. Plus I’d heard so much good stuff about Mizuno irons & their fitting process that I had to try it for myself! Well I had great fun testing out the Mizuno JPX-850 irons. Really enjoyed the Shaft Optimizer / Swing DNA experience. Had a warm up with current irons, then got my readings from the test club. Initital results showed me borderline between graphite and steel in terms of 6-iron clubhead speed (68mph). Shaft optimizer threw out a few options including standard & tour graphite, then XP-105-R300, NS-950 & KBS 110g in steel. I told the pro that lightweight shafts generally haven’t worked for me in the past – yes they get the ball up nice and easy but I seem to have no control with them and dispersion suffers a lot. So I hit a few decent ones with the XP-105 at standard length before we decided to try the same shaft at + half an inch longer. They didn’t have the exact shaft at that length, so I tried the half-inch longer XP-115 instead (with the JPX-850 iron head). WOW! This felt fantastic off the face and accuracy was hugely improved from my own, rather monstrously long irons and I was hitting it out of the middle a lot more easily (I use DG-XP in the wedges which I’m hitting well, which is virtually the same weight as the XP-115 so its not like they felt heavy). I was in the groove with this and we had another go with the test club, by now after hitting some really good ones, my clubhead speed had gone up (76mph) and this time the machine threw up the XP-115, the exact one I’d just been hitting well. I can see why people rave about Mizzies! My irons don't half feel clunky now. One set of 5-GW Mizuno JPX-850 irons ordered – XP-115-R300, 2 degrees upright, half inch longer than standard. Just wait til she finds out! DNA stats for anyone who is interested: Clubhead speed 76mph Tempo 6 Shaft toe down 4 Shaft kick angle 1 Release factor 7

Great write up Dave ! I knew you'd enjoy it ! Good work !

Great to see the forum's equipment ho' finally buying the best. I just wonder if in 6 months they will go the same way as the Mizzie putter, into the "too good for me" bin,  instead of letting the club teach you, by persistant practice with a precision instrument, how to play. 

After what I've forked out for these, they won't be going anywhere! They feel seriously good, I'm gonna enjoy using these My putter woes are over, 2 months I've stuck with the Scotty Notchback now. Its in the bag to stay (famous last words!)

I think I guessed every result that the optimiser came out with. Pretty basic really. 

New irons arrived! They look superb, almost too good to use. Suppose I'll need to take the head wrappers off before I play! New shinies  

It'll take a while, however shiny. The persistence will be worth it though Dave, my MP 53's have only just become 'familiar', after 4 weeks of play at 3 or 4 times a week. So worth it now.