Nike Custom Fitting at The Belfry

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Nike Custom Fitting at The Belfry

Just wondered if anyone had been to the Belfry to try the custom fitting centre they have there. Apparently they do Nike fittings....

Tak, never been but i think they do fittings for the majority of the major brands.

Like Yorkey says, I think the do all the major brands and I believe that they aren't too bad on price.

Ive heard some good things about the Belfry but I'm not sure whether or not its for me.

Cheers guys. Posted a thread other day about a nike driver cos my son wants one so mite take him there for a go.

Lucky kid.

Tiger Wes (13) wrote (see)

Lucky kid.

He's just come out from county coaching and been told to go away and just play, play, play. He will be of single figures i reckon by end of the year....proud but annoying when i play him!!!!

How old is he tak?

14 nxt month. Great striker of the ball, short game and putting is awesome. All he lacks is distance which is coming now he is shooting up height wise.

Keep him away from the girls and the booze and you never know.  Good luck to him.

will try Tiger, he's not interested yet. just golf, drums and x box.....

tak wrote (see)

will try Tiger, he's not interested yet. just golf, drums and x box.....

Are you sure he is hetrasexual Tak

Is the taylormade section any good?

Sure he is yorkey....still early days

Yes, have had irons, wedges and woods fitted at the Belfry. Pleased with the service and the outcome. Drop me a note if you want to discuss in more detail.

Cheers kenb more detail would b helpful

Brief overview! Session lasts about 2 hours, go and warm up beforehand but don't hit loads of balls as after 2 hours I was knackered! They have most major brands there - Ping, Nike, Titleist, TM, Clevland, etc etc etc. If you are after anything specific such as particular shafts then give them a ring first. After a discussion on your game and taking some measurements and strike plate stuff on on height, lie angle etc etc etc they got me hitting some shots with my existing clubs to get some readings on distance, ball speed, spin etc and to get a handle on shot shape. They did ask me if I had any brands in mind but I'd gone in with an open mind so they started me off on 3 or 4 brands on a specifc club e.g. 6 iron.  We did irons first and then woods. Very quickly they narrow down shaft stiffness etc and then start to go through different brands to look at best trajectory etc. They use some nice looking software where they effectively try to fit you to a "best" trajectory for a particular club and also measure your shot dispersion. They also focus a lot on ball spin speed. Out of this comes a "best club" recommendation based on a combination of both. To be honest, one or two stand out pretty quickly and if the club is not working for you the fitter very quickly takes it away from you! In one instance I hit two shots and he walked straight over and took it out of my hands!  Its then down to your feel as to which you go with. Once they had done irons we then did driver - same approach. Once they had driver dialled in and longest iron we then discussed the gap in between and suitable clubs to close it to get an even spread of distances between them. Then did fitting on those same approach as above. Cost is £50 but if you order anything from them you get the £50 back. They are not pushy about any brand. What I liked about them was they don't push you on brands, if you want to choose a club they don't think works for you then so be it, your problem not theirs but they do give a very open and honest discussion and opinion.  One thing to bear in mind. They are fitting clubs to your current swing. Its not a golf lesson so they give you no advice on your swing, possible changes etc. They fit simply to the swing you put in front of them. If you hit some bad shots they don't take those into account, the analysis is done on your best 10 or 15 shots out of maybe 25 or so or they stop you when they think you've hit enough to get a good idea of shot pattern. So if you are making big changes in your swing it may be best to wait. I went through a lot of changes a year or so back and my golf pro advised me when was a good time to get fitted once we had things started on the right track. If you do order them then they can also custom fit grips and will measure you up for these as well. I ordered irons, woods and wedges from them and to be honest the prices were no different to elsewhere, plus they were all longer anyway as I'm 6'4" so I couldn't have walked in and got them off the shelf anywhere. Delivery was pretty quick - about a week or two but worth waiting for! They have got a lot of stuff in stock so woods I took away on the day and waited for irons. Overall opinion was excellent. Wouldn't go and buy clubs any other way from now on. Makes you realise that trial and error is a total waste of time and a lot more expensive! The fact they had a good range helps no end. I would recommend going in with an open mind, hitting a lot of differnt clubs alongside the ones you may have an eye on and comparing - you may be surprised (I was!).

Thanks for that KenB. Will look into it and take him all bein well. I think he would really love the experience.

The experience is great, he'll feel like a tour pro! Let us know how it goes.

Hi. Tak. I also only last week came back from playing 2 rounds and getting custom fitted. Bought the razrs. I agree with what KenbB said. And whilst your their u must play the Brabazon Good luck

Hi KenB, i live in Malta and mainly buy my equipment from my local proshop or online. this time i would like to do custom fitting at the belfry as i heard and read that this is one of the best places to do so. my one concern is that i have a feeling that the prices of clubs are expensive. are they comparable to online websites or more expensive?? thx Ruud

Hi, My question above olso applies to Wingnut. thx

Hi KenB,  Sounds like you got the "whole bag" fitting like I am thinking of doing. Just out of interest how much did you end up spending on your new set of irons, wood & driver?  Just trying to work out if it is more beneficial to get the clubs ordered by the guys at the Belfry or if it is worth taking the specs away and getting them made elsewhere. Were they able to give you a deal/discount because you placed a larger order than say just a driver? Thanks, DM