Penley Stealth 70 shaft

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Penley Stealth 70 shaft

I'm currently playing with a G15 9 degree with Serrano shaft which launches the ball too high for my taste.  I'm looking at shafts to bring down the flight, and as I can't get a prolaunch red for love nor money I am probably going to get the two shafts listed in the title.

From what I've read the Penley is the one for lowering the flight but the GD YS6 has excellent reviews also.  Has anyone any experience with either of these?  I've also considered a Aldila NV but I thought the Serrano was the latest version of that one.  The pink one would have looked good though!

LM - Prolaunch Red here for £80 (it is the Axis version, not sure if this makes a difference, or is what you are looking for)?

Yeah thats the newer version, but I wasn't looking to pay that much.  I was after the older one which you can (or should I say could!) pick up for about £20 not long ago. The two shafts i've mentioned are old technology so to speak but that means you get them cheaper!

LM - Gotcha, I used to have one in a Titleist 975 (too much club & shaft for my abillity at the time!). Sorry can't comment on the other 2 shafts you mentioned as not tried them.

I think i have the Graphite Design YS6 in my Cobra Fspeed, It was hit the nail on the head for me, a nice flight without any balloning or rainbow shaped shots.

I'm getting both, just trying to work out which one to try first.  All GD Y6 reviews say it is great, but the mid flex might make the flight about the same as the serrano.  The Penley is high kick which in theory should lower the flight.I have the old Graffalloy Prolaunch red in a Titleist 3 wood I bought off here a few weeks ago.  Love the flight of it, and it goes like a bullet! Just can't get it anywhere for a driver, people must have seen the light with it and snaffled the lot.