Precision Golf in Egham

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Precision Golf in Egham
I have been recommended to go to Precision Golf for custom fitting, before I make a booking I would like to ask whether anyone has been there and if it is worth the visit.

OrGolf_Principles in Hedge End

Thanks for the suggestion, but I would like to hear from someone who has experienced  Precision Golf

If you use the search function you will find a couple of threads on this topic. From memory I think there were a lot of positive reviews, although they are a bit on the expensive side I think. There was one negative review from a guy who felt he'd been ripped off but I think that issue was addressed in a response from Precision golf themselves.

Thanks Paul, I did find the threads on Precision Golf and after that decided to book. I am now waiting for my clubs to be built. It was an extraordinary experience and as far as the cost it was well worth it. I have never had anyone spending so much time explaining everything to me.  

Linda, perhaps you could post a review of your experience there and what they've ended up fitting you with? 

I haven’t really in the past thought about club fitting because I always thought I was a high handicapper and it wouldn’t be beneficial for me. A friend of mine recommended me and hearing her raving about her new improved clubs got me thinking.  The guys are very approachable and professional and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. I was told the driver was too long costing me consistency in club head speed  Shaft was working perfectly so it was unnecessary to change it, just shorten it.By shortening my driver it improved my striking and lowered the swing weight which made the driver more manageable. Interestingly my 7 wood and longest hybrid was giving me the same yardage albeit  with the same flight, this allowed me to remove one of these clubs and allowed space for an extra wedge.  I have decided to invest in a couple of new fairways woods to bridge the gap between my driver and longest hybrid – 7 wood and this is the recommendation that was explained to me and it was evident that there was an inconsistency. All my grips were different sizes so it was suggested that they re-grip the whole set to ensure a consistent size throughout my bag. I had hoped that I was going to walk away with some new irons but I admire Precision Golf for not trying to sell me a new set of irons. Instead, they added some weight to the head in order for me to get better feel and consistency to improve my timing and ball strike  At this time in my game, inexpensive changes have made a big difference.

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