Re shafting Callaway irons

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Re shafting Callaway irons

Hi folks, not been on the forum for ages but need a bit of help. I've got a set of Callaway Big Bertha 04 irons which I love but the shafts have seen better days. I plan to re shaft them with regular steel shafts but because the heads are bore through I'm not sure of the trimming instructions. I think I read somewhere ages ago that shafts are trimmed differently for bore through heads but if anyone can help out with this info I'd be most grateful.

Golfsmith has a guide to reshafting through bore which contains the following A Word About Callaway Irons Callaway employs a special swaged fit in their irons which is accomplished by slitting the tip of a parallel tip shaft and force fitting the shaft into a specially-tapered hosel. When the shaft is installed, the bottom of the hosel squeezes the slit tip and gives the shaft a tighter fit within the clubhead. Other than demanding more patience and more pushing pressure, the removal of iron shafts is no different. Installation of the new shaft, however, does require a clubmaker to make a decision as to whether to:

  1. Use parallel tip iron shafts and ream the bottom of the hosel to a .370-inch diameter using a reamer (#838b)
  2. Leave the hosel alone and reshaft with a .355-inch taper tip shaft Have a really good article on reshafting Callaway through bore irons.