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I am considering extending by 1" my Maruman Driver which is currently 44.5 with a 10.5 loft.   I have some concern that because it has a lightweight (47 gram) regular shaft fitted,  extending  will make it too 'whippy'.   Is there likely to be a significant difference  ?

No. You are extending it at the thickest part of the club and although there will be a difference it will not be significant in terms of flex, weight, or swingweight change. Naturally you will notice a difference but significant, no. There are probably about 500 golfers in the world that it might produce a significance for and they are all on tour. Will you notice other differences? Possibly. Before you do it you might want to, if you don't already, make a note of fairways hit in regulation, and distance. Change it then compare the two.

Tks rgjusa...  I will give it a try, can always reduce it again I guess.  Just searching for a bit more distance, which is down a bit as the years roll on further than the ball.  I had the loan of a TM Superfast which went quite a bit further even with my slow swingspeed - I think the shaft on that was 46.5 but it was a bit too long and I get the feeling my shaft feels just a bit less whipply than the TM.

Done it..  slightly different feel but very pleased with result...  I have a little more distance and no loss of accuracy.  Used yesterday for first time and missed only 1 fairway and had good psychological boost with being almost up to my much younger friends.