slightly loose shaft extensions

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slightly loose shaft extensions

Hello, I wonder if someone can advise me, I am in the process of adding a half inch to my standard length Ping G5 irons, I purchased .600 extenders from Gamola, but having removed the grips with a compressed I have discovered that when inserting the extension into the butt they are very slightly loose, as an experiment I applied some masking tape to the tapered end of one and it takes three layers to get a snug fit. I have messaged Gamola through EBay asking whether they had sent me the wrong size but have not got a response yet, an additional problem I have is that I had already cut all four double ended extenders in half in anticipation of gluing them in so even if they ask me to return them I have my doubts as to whether they will refund or replace them?! So my questions are:

Does it matter that they are slightly loose or will the epoxy resin fill in the space? Should I use something as a spacer before gluing? If so, what could I use? 

I really only want to do this once soI want to get it right first time! I also want to get the clubs back on line ASAP so any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Not being a clubmaker, but one who has done some DIY shaft extending, I would imagine that the epoxy/araldite will  fill the void  perfectly and leave the inserts tight. In any case, the inserts will be under grip tape and your grips so  should be locked in place anyway.


It depends on what you mean by loose. When fitting Parallel shafts in to hosels I often find there is some looseness which tends to get 'taken up' by the epoxy. If they were really tight in the first place then there would be nowhere for the epoxy to go.   Plastic or metal extenders? I have only seen on club with a plastic extender and it was rubbish the butt end would actually move around. Doing a reasonable amount of club fitting myself I prefer to use the butt end of an old shaft and cut so that the one taper fits neatly in the shaft and the next step matches the shaft diameter. What does surprise me is that a .60 extender is loose because Pings use Taper shafts and some taper shafts have a .58 butt. If I want to 'bulk out' the epoxy I usually add some metal filings

You can use a 1/4 in ring of tape just to hold it inline and add sufficient glue to fill the void. Electrical tape is good for this.