The Belfry - problems with club ordering

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The Belfry - problems with club ordering

Having recommended the Belfry numerous times for club fitting a mate of mine had a fitting up there 3 weeks ago. Fitting was excellent, ordered new set of TM irons, 3 weeks later heard nothing. Phoned them up to find that they have taken his money but not ordered any clubs from TM as apparently the manufacturers won't take orders from them as they have financial problems. But they are still doing club fittings and still taking orders. He's now in the process of trying to get his money back from them.

I don't know the exact details behind this but based on the above if you are doing a fitting up there then maybe double check that they are able to order clubs for you before parting with your pennies. You get all the specs for the clubs at the fitting so no problem to order them elsewhere.

Gary Silcock, Director of Golf at The Belfry has asked me to submit his observations: " I’d like to correct KenB about the situation involving his friend and point out that we always process custom fit orders within 10-14 working days and keep customers informed if there are any delays. "We average 300 fittings each month, we are currently enjoying our best year to date with TaylorMade and sometimes there are issues with custom fit sets, simply because they are customized to the customer’s unique specifications. "There is no question of any delay being down to financial issues with any of the nine manufacturers we deal with in offering more than 12,000 club and shaft options at the PGA National Academy."   But I’d also like to thank KenB for recommending the custom fit facility at The Belfry to his friends and encourage them to return in the near future.

Bob. Many thanks for getting the inside details on this which definitely puts it into proper perspective. To their credit, the Belfry have paid my friend the full amount back, but what is strange is that he has ordered them elsewhere and TM have said they will try to push the order through to compensate for the delays to date. The other dealer seemingly has had no problems so far in getting the order fulfilled but time will tell!

The difference looks to be the volume of orders and the variance, unless your mate's pro has as big of turnover as the Belfry I would suggest that would be the reason.

I had a fitting 2 weeks ago at the Belfry, received my club within 6 days Great service! I was originally going to go to Titleist direct but I was told by Titleist, My club Pro would need to arrange the fitting at a cost of £90 and £20 going towards the sale of a club! So I booked a Saturday morning fitting at the Belfry and after 1.30mins (30 mins each club) of hitting balls, I deceived to purchase the Titleist 913 Driver, 3 wood & Rescue they are beautiful clubs ! £670 well spent !

Bob Warters wrote (see)

Gary Silcock, Director of Golf at The Belfry has asked me to submit his observations: " I’d like to correct KenB about the situation involving his friend and point out that we always process custom fit orders within 10-14 working days...

"we take between 10 days and 2 weeks to process your order"??? So we go for a custom fitting at a state-of-the-art facility, and after paying for that privelege they take up to 2 freakin weeks to put the order through??? Come on, surely not?

The delivery time will be dictated by the club manufacturer, not the Belfry. HTH  

coming in to this late but.... the words "10-12 days to process your order" says to me it will take us up to two weeks to put your order in and NOT up to two weeks till you get your clubs.  The words used to do not include manufacture time to me.  The order should be 'processed' the same day or next day at the very least surely.

I ordered a set of Calloway irons from the Belfrey after a fitting over a month ago.  Was told 10 days to receive clubs.  I have called at least 6 times, and there never seems to be anyone available.  Not a single person has returned any of my calls.  I am astonished at this service.  Of course they took the money from my credit card on day 1.

Gary, I have the same problem. I ordered a full set of tm irons and a hybrid over a month ago now. I have called a dozen times with promises of a call back. Fortunately I also live fairly close and have popped in twice, first I was again promised a call as no one in. The other occasion I was told how tough a job it is for the club shop to process orders.
Shocking customer service, I'll be chasing some serious vouchers as compensation!

I have had problems on three occasions ( although one was a few years ago, and on that occasion I ended up cancelling the club and buying it from elsewhere). However the most recent was about three months ago when it took a club a month to arrive having been told it would be 10 days max. Poor communication... club almost certainly wasn't ordered until I rang to chase it. Loads of glitter , poor attention to detail.

I sent them a golf radar, it was signed by one pro who had not ordered it and then another pro claimed the cash back. The guy that ordered it was in Spain and apparently it was my fault someone else signed for it.. fkr  

I think in defence of the Belfry and the ops query specifically on TM's, I recently ordered a custom SLDR 14 degree through Precision Golf in Egham and had a slow delivery on mine. My understanding was that TM had just implemented a new ordering system in Europe and were struggling with fulfilment throughout Europe. I believe PG ended up getting my components from the US in the end to build my club after having no joy with TM Europe and through wanting to fulfil my order as quickly as they could. I waited about 4 weeks to get my new club, however, on the day I also ordered an Adams pro hybrid mini from PG and that was ordered, built and ready in less then 10 days so I can't say the delay was any bad reflection on PG or through any fault of their own (in fact, they were excellent at keeping me up to date and actually called me to let me know in advance before I was expecting any delivery that they thought there was going to be a problem as they were struggling to fulfil other TM orders) If you custom order any clubs, you're fitter is unlikely to carry any real stock especially if they supply a wide range of OEM's and do true custom fitting as there's so many variables and they are therefore 100% at the mercy of the supplier which I am guessing is the real problem. Obviously I can't comment on what the comms are like.  Before anyone thinks it, I am not associated to the Belfry, TM or Precision Golf beyond being a happy PG customer.