Tip trimming

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Tip trimming

Hi all, just wondered if anyone can help out, I've just bought a graphite Aldila VX stiff shaft to go in a 3 iron head but it has no tip trimming info with it. I've been on the Aldila website and it says to tip trim this graphite iron shaft 2inches and then an extra 1/2 inch for a 3 iron. Now the shaft measures 41 inches uncut so to tip trim it 2 1/2 inches seems a bit much to me. Any advice would be very welcome. 

Shaft length is a changing target every year. Most manufacturers have 3 iron measuring between 38.5" and 39" these days. cant see why I would alter anything from the manufacturers instructions though, they would know best.

Thanks BTatHome. I'm planning on 39inch finished club length. 2 1/2 inch tip trim just seemed a lot for a 41 inch shaft, but as you say they must know best. 

These are in the value range. What probably happens is that both regular and stiff are manufactured the same way. By tip trimming 2" to start with you are turning a regular shaft in to a stiff shaft. True Temper use the same system in the economy steel shafts such as the Command.