2008 Open Championship

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2008 Open Championship

Date: Friday March 28th 2008
Venue: [b]St Anne's Old Links Golf Course[/b]
First Tee Time:9.30am (10minute intervals)
Cost:£50 Covers coffee on arrival, 2 course dinner afterwards and prize fund.
Format: 18 Holes Full Handicap Stableford.

Full details


Wonderful course. Provisionally a yes from me.

CC - you are on the list of interested parties.Ta

Going to try and organise this for myself and Nubbins.  A provisional yes from us too.  Would be nice to see some new faces, despite having to see Chris's again

BoB - you could have posted in the thread!!

Count me in subject to work committments which I don't know yet.

Have you seen their winter specials which last up to the end of March? If we can get 12, thats a big prize fund!

Sure thing IanRe: 12 players

Note to self: Read infor before opening gob! Paragraph one still applies. I am currently negotiating severance from current role!

No worries Ian

Cheeky BoB! I'll have you know that my face has been banned from far better places than that!

Now you're talking - a terrific track. 9th is cracking Par 3 outside clubhouse - 18th is a stern finish despite being a Par 5.Wind blew for us and made scoring tough.

Gracias Espanol.Es no mejor curso de golf en Inglaterra del noroeste, pero es beun valor y buen curso para todos. Jajaja - Apologies in advance

Ian, just to clarify.  How much is going to the prize fund from each player??Had a look at course offers and it looks like it's £30 including the meal.

BofB - that rate is for mon-thurs.Approximately £10 to the "prize" fund.  I'm still negotiating the finer details - but until the numbers get closer to capacity i can't finalise the amount.  When i know what the total fund will be (which is also dependant on sponsors, donatations etc.), i will then be able to start the planning on prizes. As with all the decisions i've made so far, I'll discuss this with the guys helping out, and those attending. But i'd expect we'll follow Mike's lead from Forest of Arden on the prizes & charitable dontations. Expect a poll   


To Date: 20 deposits received.With a good few in the banking ether and/or waiting to meet me to pay cash.When it's gone......it's gone!

Send me a PM with payment details please MS3.

Chris can you please message me please and i will reply. There is a method i promise eg It means i can keep track of everyone for distributing stuff at a later date and the way my mail works is shows who sent the first mail in the convo etc.. Plus some people don't use their actually email address for paypal! etc.Let me know if you want bank details or paypal details. (56p extra to cover paypal fees)  Ta

mister s3quite right - there are one or two that better st annes in north west such as its illustrious neighbour royal lytham, birkdale, hoylake and maybe hillside but for 30 quid with a meal which is what we paid you won't get a test of golf like this. there's a de vere course up the road (herons reach) which is twice the price and doesn't hold a candle to the old links. worth 30 quid just to play the 9th - one of best par 3s i have played...pray for wind!!

live in spain mister s3 so in march usually playing my golf in shorts - just endorsing your choice of venue - don't miss it gm readers !!


noted P.A.

Just for info:30 deposits received.10 spaces left (currently) with a few guys paying me at the Scottish meet in Stanraer this weekend.

36 deposits received4 guaranteed spots left

i'll bookmark this, would love to play but it's just after i get back from my hols.

Okay that's 40 up!Still got space for more - at the moment. I haven't guaranteed the extra tee times, but i have asked them to let me know should anyone want to play directly after us, so i can make a call on booking more tee-off's. Looks like its going to be some weekend with some of the NW guys hosting on the Saturday and quite a few of us planning to enjoy Friday night in Blackpool!!

Final Call on this now...If interested contact MisterS3 or add your name on  http://forum.modsquadgolf.com/index.php?topic=83.0